MTN SMS Alerts and Mobile Newspaper for the Latest Job Vacancies

MTN Mobile Newspaper
Get Started  with the MTN Mobile Newspaper (MNS) for your Job Vacancies. Text JMM to 4900 for your daily job alerts.

MTN SMS Alerts
To get daily SMS alerts for the latest Job vacancies in Nigeria on your MTN line, text the subscription keyword associated the type of vacancy to 38261 and get started!

For Example, To get daily SMS alerts for Fresh graduate vacancies, send GradJob to 38261 on your MTN line.

Cost: 50 Naira for one (1) week 

Type of VacancySubscription Keywords
Fresh Graduates Vacancies Send GradJob to 38261
Human Resources VacanciesSend HRJob to 38261
Health Care VacanciesSend MediJob to 38261
Engineering VacanciesSend EngJob to 38261
Sales/Marketing Vacancies Send SaleJob to 38261   
Information Communication Technology VacanciesSend ICTJob to 38261
 Legal Vacancies Send LawJob to 38261
Government VacanciesSend GovtJob to 38261
Hospitality VacanciesSend HospJob to 38261
Real Estate VacanciesSend EstJob to 38261
Education VacanciesSend EduJob to 38261
Accounting VacanciesSend AcctJob to 38261
Executive VacanciesSend ExecJob to 38261
Oil VacanciesSend OilJob to 38261
Media VacanciesSend MedJob to 38261
Manufacturing JobsSend ManuJob to 38261
To unsubscribe from this service, text "No " and the keyword to 38261. Example: NoGrad, NoHR, NoMedi,......