Job Summary

We are looking to engage an exceptional individual who will be involved with heart and soul at our discount retail business. He/she is responsible for leading and inspiring the team to achieve sales and profit targets through his/her inspirational leadership.

  • Minimum Qualification: Degree
  • Experience Level: Mid level
  • Experience Length: 5 years

Job Description/Requirements

Responsibilities & tasks: Opening & Closing procedures

·         handles the key and alarm code holder for opening and closing the store

·         takes care for the keys and transforming the keys to the deputy SM in case the deputy takes over the opening and/or closing the store (the deputy has his own alarm code)

·         the key-transfer procedure will take place according the defined procedure.

Responsibilities & tasks: Presentation and Store performance management

·         works according to the Hand Book Operations

·         ensures the delivered goods are on the shelves or stocked efficiently when lack of shelf space

·         ensures the right presentation of the goods on the shelves, in the baskets, coolers and freezers according to the merchandize rules and planograms

·         ensures fresh and highly attractive presentations especially regarding the fresh articles

·         ensures all price tags and other pricing communications are 100 % right and present for all SKU’s

·         ensures all indoor and outdoor communications are clean, fold free and clear and legible placed/hanged according to the Brand Book

·         prepares the weekly promo actions which demands special attention (presentation, volume and price communication) the evening before the action will start

·         reviews operational processes in the store proactively, ensures efficiencies are identified and processes streamlined wherever possible

·         challenges current ways of working and provides solutions to improve the store performance

·         records documents related to the store performance and activities.   

Responsibilities & tasks: Staff planning and Recruitment

·         set ups the weekly staff planning, based on the estimated TO and productivity, for the coming week

·         reviews the staff planning (TO and deployed man hours) the week after  in order to improve the planning

·         hires new employees after approval from the S&O manager

Responsibilities & tasks: Pricing, Planograms & Merchandizing

·         ensures the right prices and other parameters in the system accurately

·         ensures the actual planograms are in the system and executed as defined

·         controls the execution of pricing and merchandizing in the store

·         advises the management regarding the categories, SKU’s, pricing and planograms.

Responsibilities & tasks: Quality of goods

·         ensures goods are not broken, perished, bruised, discolored or dirty. These goods will be taken out directly and be written off accurately

·         informs S&O immediately in case of quality problems

·         ensures goods, which doesn’t meet the quality standards at the moment of receiving, to be refused.

Responsibilities & tasks: Service & Customers

·         ensures the described customer values are daily practice 

·         ensures a friendly, heartily and professional service

·         ensures the whole team shows passion for doing their job

·         creates a positive and challenging atmosphere

·         ensures the right registration of complaints by customers and discussing with S&O to resolve.

Responsibilities & tasks: Cleanliness, Safety & HACCP

·         ensures all spaces (front and back office) and equipment are clean and hygienic in accordance to the standards 

·         ensures the right temperatures of chilled goods and to ensure a strict HACCP control

·         ensures all presented articles are within the expiry date and ensuring a strict FiFo system

·         ensures the right technical and safety state of the equipment by maintaining and cleaning it according to the programs and in case of defaults to manage a prompt repair

·         ensures the selling spaces are safe and free of obstacles

·         ensures the outside space (parking) is clean and tidy

·         receives inspectors or representatives from the authorities on a professional, cooperative way.

Responsibilities & tasks: Goods flow & Stock control management

·         ensures store space and stock levels are managed effectively to maximize sales and to avoid overstocks minimalizing write offs (stock control & stock management)

·         orders the full assortment (fresh, dry, non-food and frozen SKU’s) based on the just-in-time principle and managing the goods flow efficiently

·         ensures an accurate control on the incoming goods regarding quality, expiry dates, package and temperatures accurately

·         ensures a strict and accurate control on the incoming volumes, compared with the accompanied delivery notes

·         ensures articles with an inferior quality are refused

·         ensures an accurate administration of the incoming goods and returnable goods

·         ensures all document information is submitted accurately to the SO timely for paying the delivered goods

·         monitors how the Goods receiver controls and administrates the incoming and returnable goods

·         ensures the right administration of the write offs in the system

·         protects the stock through a vivid promotion of loss prevention awareness within the team

·         oversees and analyzes write offs and gaps to decline the good losses for the future

·         reports the SKU’s with high write offs to the S&O manager

·         organizes and conducts a 3-monthly stock inventory 

·         ensures customers and own employees aren’t taking any goods without paying for it

·         ensures that bought articles by our employees are shown (article + check) directly and signed by SM or deputy SM. Consuming articles without a cash ticket is strictly prohibited

·         ensures the employees show their bags before they leave their work

·         discusses overstocks with the S&O manager for resolving the overstock situation

·         takes responsibility for the full administration of the goods flow and to ensures all goods flows are processed according the prescribed procedures.

Responsibilities & tasks: Money flow management

·         oversees all sold goods are scanned well and paid effectively at the cash desk

·         oversees the cashiers’ scans / process the goods on the right way in accordance to the cash desk procedures (see procedures – to develop)

·         oversees the cashiers process the transactions on an extremely accurate way

·         ensures the cash (out of the cash desks) is skimmed and counted daily and ensures the cash is brought over safely to the main safe according the cash desk procedures

·         monitors how the Cash controller skims, counts and administrates the cash

·         ensures store employees aren’t taking any money out of the cash desk for own purposes

·         administers the TO and the occurred money differences (xx % of the differences will be compensated by the cashier)

·         manages and controls the main safe daily (money differences are compensated by the SM)

·         counts and prepares the money out of the main safe for handing it over to the money transporter according the procedure

·         takes responsibility for the full administration of the money flow and to ensure all money flows are processed according the described procedures.

Responsibilities & tasks: Equipment, Building and Parking

·         ensures the employees are well informed / instructed how to handle equipment

·         ensures the employees are taking care for equipment (right handling and cleaning)

·         ensures the building and the parking is clean & tidy

·         ensures eventually damages to equipment, to the building (inside and outside) and to the parking will be reported to S&O (broken equipment should be repaired on the shortest). 

Responsibilities & tasks: Administration back office

·         ensures an accurate administration of the goods flow (incoming goods, returnable goods, write offs, other good losses) to avoid stock gaps through a wrong administration

·         ensures an accurate administration of the money flow (incoming, change, transfers) to avoid money differences through a wrong administration

·         ensures an accurate administration of the sales and volumes

·         prints the price tags and other price communications when changes and to display the new prices in the store before opening time

·         reads, sorts and acts on incoming mails as appropriate 

·         places and receives telephone calls to communicate with other JARA stores, the service office, customers, etc.

·         prepares the expenses receipts for reimbursements by using the dedicated petty cash form

·         pays out the expenses via the main safe after a signed approval by the S&O manager and send the petty cash form + receipt to the Finance dept. (based on the petty cash procedure)

·         maintains employee records on an accurate and confidential way.

Responsibilities & tasks: Market & Competition

·         understands the local market conditions through competitor visits, with the purpose of making recommendations

·         monitors the prices at our competitors on demand

·         reports lower prices at the competitor to the S&O manager immediately.

Responsibilities & tasks: HR and T&D

·         trains and guides (new) employees according to our T&D policy

·         coaches and mentors employees to do their work independently and according to the procedures in order to achieve the store goals

·         ensures the employees are able to do the job independently and professionally

·         plans and implements staff schedules effectively (2 weeks in upfront) to ensure the store operation is in line with the business needs taking into account (national) holidays, overwork, and labor legislations

·         decides about the holiday plan and single days off for the employees and ensuring the right administration of it

·         ensures all payroll information is submitted accurately in a timely manner to SO

·         takes part of the selection procedures when job applications by candidates

·         assesses the employees on performance and teamwork annually

·         reports the appraisal results to the S&O manager and HR

·         identifies employees who are most qualified for promotion

·         handles requests for transferring employees to other stores, after approval by the S&O manager.

 Responsibilities & tasks: Leadership & teamwork

·         engages the team to deliver great customer service consistently, good operational processes and strong teamwork through inspirational leadership

·         encourages and inspiring the team to maximize sales and to achieve other goals and make suggestions to enhance performances which drive to better results

·         creates a positive and an empowering working environment resulting in team retention

·         communicates the business and store objectives clearly to the team to ensure the team remains well informed about the store activities

·         ensures the team is aware of the required contribution to the set objectives / KPIs

·         monitors all delegated tasks (right execution means a compliment to the employee; wrong execution means extra attention and coaching).


Important Safety Tips

1. Do not make any payment without confirming with the Jobberman Customer Support Team. 2. If you think this advert is not genuine, please report it via the Report Job link below.

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