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C-level Executive Resume Writing, Branding, Online Identity & Job Search Services

I offer a wide range of highly-personalized executive career and job search services and support in flexible packages, which you’ll see listed below. Together we’ll customize a package to fit your needs and objectives.

Executive Career Brand is a boutique firm. As a solopreneur, I work one-on-one with each and every client. You will interface with me, and me alone, throughout the enlightening and invigorating process.

Most of my clients are job-hunting undercover. They’re currently employed and must keep their search confidential. When you work with me, be assured that:

  • No one else will write your documents, online profiles or other materials.
  • No one else will communicate with you.
  • No one else will be privy to your confidential materials and information.

Executive personal brand development is step one, no matter what career marketing collaterals we build together. Read about personal branding and its value in executive job search.

A branded executive resume alone is not enough to get you into that next great gig.

To keep pace with your competition in the new world of top-level executive job search, you need a far-reaching job search toolkit that includes collateral brand-evident personal marketing communications, a strong online presence, LinkedIn and other social networking, and targeted company and industry market intelligence.

Most of my clients wisely add LinkedIn profile development to my basic personal branding, job search readiness, and resume development package.

A branded LinkedIn profile (see Meg’s LinkedIn profile) that’s in sync with their career goals and will resonate with their target employers gives them a competitive advantage. Read why LinkedIn is so important.

Why you need my integrated Personal Branding, Online Presence and Executive Job Search Readiness System

I’ve designed an integrated system that helps my clients define and build their personal brand and marketing messaging around what differentiates their value to their target employers over their competitors in the job market, AND how they’re uniquely qualified to help their target employers meet their current needs.

Together, you and I will align your relevant skills, expertise and personal attributes with what your target companies are looking for in candidates, so they clearly see you as a good-fit.

A Senior-level Global Healthcare Marketing and Strategic Communications executive client of mine told me this:

“Even though I have spent decades helping organizations build their brands, I was stumped when it came to building my own personal brand. You helped me crack the code quickly and showed me that I had all of the tools at my fingertips.

You helped me strategize and organize my strengths into a brand identity that truly communicates what I want potential CEOs to see in me. Writing is clearly among your top 3 strengths – colorful and captivating copy resulting in immediate increased attention on my LinkedIn profile from c-suite executives and career recruiters.”

I’ve found that most executive job seekers dive into a search without first understanding how today’s executive job search works.

They do what intuitively seems to be the best thing. They hit the job boards hard, because that’s where all the jobs are, right?

They quickly put together a generic resume that will cover all the bases, and then quickly send it out to every job board posting that even remotely looks like a good fit.

For many, that’s the extent of their job search efforts. They spend 90% or more of their time on a job search method that yields perhaps a 5% success rate!

They neglect, or under-utilize, purposeful networking – by far the best job search method – because they’re not prepared to do it well. They lack focus and can’t communicate their unique ROI.

My system is not just about the deliverables – razor-sharp, brand-reinforcing personal marketing materials, such as your executive resume, biography, LinkedIn profile, etc.

Yes, I’ll collaborate with you to create these materials that will position you as a great-fit candidate.

But just as important, beyond the tangible deliverables, my system delivers in the following critical areas:

? Targeting and Market Intelligence – You’ll know which employers are a mutual good fit, and what makes you the best hiring choice for them.

Personal Branding – You’ll understand your unique ROI for your target employers, and have confidence in what differentiates you from your job seeking competitors.

Networking and Interviewing – You’ll understand how to communicate your unique ROI as you speak about yourself.

Executive Job Search Intelligence – You’ll have a better grasp of all the components in today’s complicated executive job search.

Here’s what a Senior IT executive had to say about my personal branding and job search readiness system:

“The work I did through Meg’s personal branding and career targeting process had a powerful impact on me, and transformed the way I plan to move forward with my career and work life. I came to realize that I hadn’t paused over the past 15 years to think about my vision and purpose. Meg’s process opened my eyes and now I’ll take into account my personal hopes and dreams, as I plan the next chapters of my career.

I feel much better prepared and positioned for networking and landing a job I really want.”

With my system, you’ll be way ahead of your competitors. Most of them are still laboring under the misguided notion that a generic executive resume and heavy-duty job board activity will get them into a new job.

With my system, you’ll be prepared to navigate the new world of executive job search and land a great-fit new gig!

Here’s what a sales executive in integrated manufacturing had to say about working with me:

“The whole process has been enlightening and progressive. I have shared the whole concept and the specifics with a lot of friends, family, and colleagues. I could have a promising career as a salesperson for your business!!!”

Executive Personal Branding & Job Search Readiness Package

For the basic package (Resume and/or LinkedIn profile development), you’ll complete worksheets designed to help me write content that will position you as a great fit for your target employers. This work also helps you, the job candidate, understand and communicate the value you offer those target employers, as you network and interview for jobs.

The basic Personal Branding and Job Search Readiness package includes:

  • Career Target Analysis worksheet
  • Personal Branding worksheet
  • A personalized career history and achievements worksheet (if necessary) to gain all the “hard” facts.
  • Additional information-mining, as needed.
  • One 60-minute phone consultation to strategize branding and career marketing, and align documents/materials development with your career target.
  • Branded executive resume (and/or LinkedIn profile) development and creation, based on your career target.
  • Your review and revisions.
  • Email support throughout the process.
  • Deliverables: Finalized resume document delivered to you in Word, text version (to cut and paste for online use), and PDF, if requested.

LinkedIn profile development includes fresh, brand-reinforcing content for these profile sections:

  • Professional Headline
  • Summary
  • Experience
  • Education
  • Other applicable sections

Additional brand-reinforcing personal marketing documents:

  • Executive career biography. I strongly recommend developing your bio along with resume. These two documents form the foundation for all your online and offline personal marketing.
  • Targeted cover letter(s)
  • Leadership addendum and/or other on-brand supporting career documents:

Reference Dossier with Accolades, Achievement Summary, One-page Networking Resume, Performance Milestones, M&A Chronology, Product Launch Chronology, Project Management Highlights, Technology Skills, Training & Certifications, Speaking Presentations, Publications, Patents, Commitment to Community Service, etc. We’ll name the document to fit the content and target.

See Executive Resume, Career Biography, and other career marketing document samples.

Source: http://bit.ly/1UBpjX1

Nathan Jeffery
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