7 things you’re doing wrong on your job search and how to avoid them.

Exploring the job market can feel like embarking on a roller coaster and high-stakes journey. It can be nerve-wracking and overwhelming as a job seeker.

Exploring the job market can feel like embarking on a high-stakes journey. It can be nerve-wracking and overwhelming. As a job seeker, it’s easy to fall into common traps that can hinder your progress. However, with the right strategies, you can confidently navigate this path and increase your chances of landing your dream job. Let’s explore five things you’re doing wrong in your job search and how to avoid them.

Not leveraging on Job ad platforms.  

Utilise a job ad platform like Jobberman for job listings across various industries and locations. It offers a broader range of opportunities than what might be available through personal networks alone. Subscribe to job alerts to get job vacancies tailored to your qualifications and skills to streamline the job search process, ensuring you’re notified of relevant positions as soon as they become available. It is a proactive approach that maximises your chances of finding the right job.

Not Networking

Career platforms can significantly expand your reach by facilitating connections with relevant job opportunities and advancing your career goals; you can also widen your nets through networking. Networking allows you to tap into hidden job markets, access insider information about companies, and receive referrals from trusted connections. 

Sending Generic Applications

Avoid sending out generic CVs and cover letters. Modify each application to fit the specific requirements of the job and company you’re applying to. Personalising your application shows recruiters that you’ve done your homework and are genuinely interested in the position. You can also get a professional to review your CV to highlight relevant skills and experiences, maximising your chances of securing interviews.

Neglecting Skill Enhancement

Don’t fall into the trap of satisfaction. Keep up with industry trends and continuously upgrade your skills to remain competitive in the job market. Take courses and soft skill training, attend workshops, and pursue certifications relevant to your field. Not only does this demonstrate your commitment to growth, but it also enhances your value as a potential candidate.

Overlooking Your Online Presence

Remember to consider the importance of your online presence. Your online presence plays a significant role in shaping employers’ perceptions of you. Clean up your social media profiles, primarily those visible to the public, and ensure that your social media profiles present you in a professional light, as employers often conduct online research on candidates. Showcase your professional achievements, projects, and interests on platforms like LinkedIn to attract potential employers.

Not checking your emails

Another thing you’re doing wrong on your job search is not checking your inbox. As you apply for jobs, don’t forget that it’s equally important to prioritise your email inbox. Most companies or recruiters use emails as the primary communication channel to engage candidates. Developing a habit of checking your email daily is essential to ensure you don’t miss out on important messages from recruiters or job alerts. By staying on top of your emails, you can avoid missing interview invitations or application deadlines. Make your email your friend in the job search process by checking it regularly to stay informed and responsive.

Forgetting to Follow Up

Remember to follow up with a thank-you email after interviews. Sending a personalised thank-you email to express your appreciation for the opportunity indicates your interest and enthusiasm for the role. Use this opportunity to echo your enthusiasm for the role and highlight any key points discussed during the interview. Following up shows your professionalism and keeps you top-of-mind with hiring managers.

Navigating the job market requires planning, diligence, and adaptability. By avoiding these pitfalls and embracing proactive approaches, you can distinguish yourself as an outstanding candidate in the competitive job market. Every step you take brings you closer to achieving your professional goals. So, arm yourself with knowledge, stay persistent, and forge ahead confidently. Your dream job awaits!

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