We asked a recruiter- What are the top 3 things you look for in a CV?

What exactly makes your CV stand out to recruiters. This remains the burning question in the mind of the job seeker hoping to impress employers.

Things to look out for in CV

What exactly makes a CV stand out in the eyes of recruiters? This is the burning question in the minds of many job seekers hoping to impress a recruiter enough to land an interview for a start.

To unravel this mystery, we had a conversation with Chisom Nwosu, the Recruitment Operations Lead at Jobberman Nigeria. With more than a decade in the field of recruitment, Chisom has seen it all. She gave us some invaluable into the three key things that recruiters look out for in a candidate’s CV and why they matter.

Top 3 things to prioritise on your CVs and Why?

Skills- The Heartbeat of Your Journey:

Highlight your skills on your CV

Chisom passionately explained that skills are not just checkboxes on a list; they’re the essence of who you are professionally. This also goes beyond your on-the-job skills but also the tools you are adept at using to make your job seamless. This is what makes you stand out. The world has gone digital. Hence, it is important to prove that you are more than a spectator in today’s digital world’s grand scheme of things. Your proficiency with specific digital tools and software can make or break your chances.

She also emphasised the importance of highlighting these skills on your CV, not just as qualifications but as a reflection of your dedication and adaptability. It’s about showing recruiters the beating heart or engine of your journey, the experiences and lessons that have shaped you into the capable individual you are today, this is one the things you look for in a CV.

Relevant Work Experience- Stories of Impact:

Relevant Work Experience on your CV

Behind every job title and accomplishment lies a story of growth, challenges, and triumphs. Chisom shared that your work experience isn’t just a list of duties; it’s a narrative of your professional journey. Recruiters crave stories of impact, moments where you made a difference and left a lasting impression.

By presenting your experiences in a clear, coherent manner, you’re not just listing achievements. You’re also inviting recruiters into your world. Share with them the moments that define your career and showcasing your potential to make a meaningful contribution. She also stated that work experience should be shared from the most recent to the least recent and equally relevant to whatever role you are applying for.

Educational Qualifications and Certifications:

 prioritise your academic journey on your CV

The third key t hings you look for in a CV. is Your academic journey. It is not just a collection of degrees and certificates; it’s a testament to your dedication and thirst for knowledge. Chisom established the fact that although some roles don’t have a spot in the standard educational curriculum for tertiary institutions, professionals are expected to leverage the relevant certification courses available for them. For example, web development and evolving technical jobs have relevant training that has been designed to equip the players in those fields to succeed. Chisom says recruiters have a special admiration for candidates who proudly display their educational achievements, not as accolades but as badges of honour earned through hard work and determination.

These qualifications serve as beacons of credibility, signalling to recruiters your commitment to excellence and your readiness to take on new challenges.


Chisom also touched on the emotional aspect of the recruitment process. She highlighs the nerves and excitement that candidates experience during assessments and interviews. She emphasised the importance of authenticity and sincerity in CVs, urging candidates to let their true selves shine through. After all, behind every CV is a person with hopes, dreams, and aspirations which truly resonate with recruiters.

In closing, crafting a compelling CV isn’t just about ticking boxes and meeting criteria. It’s about sharing your story with the world. By infusing your CV with passion and authenticity, you’re not just applying for a job; you’re selling yourself towards a brighter future. And with the right blend of skills, experiences, and qualifications, you can unlock doors. The ones that will pave the way for a career filled with purpose and fulfilment.

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