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5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Job-Hunt

After all those days of hard work and incessant efforts to make your professional life close to clinching success, it’s time to look over things ahead and move on the path towards career growth. Yes, you’ve finally decided that it’s the moment to make a hop and look for new opportunities that pay higher returns and probably a further push to your proliferating professional life.

Over the last few days, you might have taken numerous back and forth walks and boggled your head, whether it’s the right decision to take or not. Well, the section mentioned below will build over the same thought and throw some light over the 5 most basic questions you need to introspect over, before beginning your job-hunt campaign.


#1) What Experience or Opportunities Are Missing In Your Current Profile?

It might be about the bills you’re not able to afford or the work environment that’s difficult to cope with. But, it doesn’t stop there, right?

What you require right now is the right exposure and opportunities to witness an efficient career growth.  For sure, the pay-package is an important thing to consider, but there are other things which play a significant role in the whole process as well.

Ask further questions like, are you feeling appreciated and valued in your current job role?

Definitely, there’ll be a modicum of brainstorming required, but isn’t that worth before making a hop to the next company?

#2) Is Your Current Boss Getting Suspicious?

While, it’s important to put in every bit of effort, network extensively and search for a new opportunity, but doing it at the stake of spoiling personal terms with your boss is something not required. It might look fine and professional giving your current employer a ‘heads-up’ regarding you hunting for a new venture, but during numerous instances this effort can go in vain. Obviously, coming across as an employee posing empty threats to get a pay-hike is the last thing you want.

So, be careful and avoid from getting too vocal or conspicuous even, while contacting hiring managers and scheduling interviews.

#3) What Kind of Opportunity Are You Looking For?

The first point mentioned herein would’ve made realize how growth and autonomy are important for your professional life, presently. But, knowing that alone wouldn’t work. You need to know the kind of opportunity you require at the moment. A job that suits your skills-set and considers your work expertise in the most optimally efficacious way.

Job satisfaction only steps in, if you know that the job profile you score provides you with an equal chance to explore further in your field and helps you gain finesse in the tasks you execute.

#4) What is the Work Environment You’re Most Comfortable With?

Though it’s rightly said that to achieve milestones in the professional arena, one needs to step out of the comfort zone, but applying the same for the sake of it is no solution, seriously. What you need to ensure is the desired notch of efficiency for every assignment you take up at work and being comfortable with the work environment, which includes the management, is quite necessary.

Ask whether you need a manager nagging over your head and looking into each aspect or one wo lets who work independently?

This actually, might make you selective for the best results while applying for different jobs.

#5) Would You Be Able To Maintain a Work-Life Balance in the New Job?

You took some time, but nevertheless, figured out a way to maintain the right work-life balance in your current job. But, doing the same in a new employment prospect is a thing you need to ponder over.

However, before you think over it, ask yourself regarding the kind of balance you require. Are you willing to give in more number of hours than your last job? or do you want the time commitment at work to decrease. Give it some serious thought!

While the questions mentioned above might have increased the labor, but are quite crucial at the same point of time. Take a breath and find out the answer to these. You’ll definitely score the most lucrative job offer!


Author Bio:

Anshuman Kukreti is a professional writer and a keen follower of the global job market. An engineer by qualification and an artist at heart, he writes on various topics related to employment across the globe. Reach him @ LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+.



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