Practical Strategies for getting a New Job in 2023

Lastly, In 2023, anything you can do to separate yourself from the crowd will be hugely beneficial in setting you up for the kind of career you want to have.

It is common to hear remarks about beginning afresh and reminders of new resolutions as the year gets underway. There are undoubtedly many career goals you wish you had achieved in the past year and many more that you hope to accomplish this year; one could be getting a new job.

There are numerous reasons to be thrilled about getting a new job in 2023. You have the opportunity to build on the achievements of the previous year and advance your career. Interestingly, most businesses are also developing their strategies and budgets for the year in Q1; thus, filling critical roles will become a top priority.

However, getting a new job may prove to be a bit of a challenge. Given the abundance of options, it is simple to become lost in the crowd or find yourself in a situation that is unsatisfactory to your requirements or interests. 

Fortunately, there are a number of notable things you can implement to help streamline your efforts for getting a new job that is in line with the goals you have set for yourself.

As you optimistically carry out your job search, here are six(6) practical strategies for getting a new job in 2023.

Get big on video interviews.

Video interviews are becoming increasingly popular, and they are here to stay. This means that to put yourself in a prime position for getting a new job in 2023, you need to make sure you are comfortable with the virtual interview setting, so you can come across as confident.

Dress appropriately for the video interview. Ensure the clothing you choose is professional and appropriate for the company and the role you are interviewing for. Additionally, have a clean, neutral background behind you and consider lighting to make sure you are visible and look professional on the video. Set aside any distractions and focus on the task at hand. Finally, test your audio and video settings before the interview starts.

When you submit your application, a computer programme reviews it and attempts to match your qualifications with those of the organisation. The candidates are then rated according to the requirements of the role. Your application is moved to the back of the queue if someone else has a higher rank or more impressive credentials.

Essentially your resume has to contain certain elements that allow the software, a.k.a Application Tracking System, to notice and highlight your Resume above others. This could range from structuring your CV correctly to using the right keywords for your industry. 

Sure, it will take time to tailor each application to the job, but when you consider how rewarding the task could be, it’s definitely worth the effort.

Seek out Professional Communities.

Professional communities have much to offer in terms of general professional advancement and achieving precise ambitions. You have various opportunities to benefit from in terms of mentoring, counselling, networking, support, and, ultimately, getting a new job.

Paula Christensen, a Linkedin expert speaking on how to find success in 2023, told Forbes, “My advice is to seek out professional organisations. Professional organisations host events and meetings where individuals can get to know and connect with other members. In addition, these organisations afford learning opportunities through webinars, conferences and certification courses that help increase confidence and help them stay up-to-date on industry trends and technology. Participation in organisations also yields content for rèsumès and interview answers.”

Professional communities also give access to valuable information as well as resources that are only known to top professionals in your industry. This can come in handy in your 2023 job search. In keeping with this, we highly recommend joining the Jobberman Top Professionals Community.

Improve on skills that can’t be automated

We are gradually entering an AI-dominated era. In the near future, a lot of jobs will be automated or at least require automated assistance. Nevertheless, one thing that can never be replaced is the human touch. The human touch consists of those components that allow you to collaborate and work well with others. This is enhanced by possessing soft skills.  

The World Bank reported that researchers from Michigan Ross, Harvard University, and Boston College, after surveying workers in India, found that workers who received training in soft skills were 12% more productive

Soft skills enable you to establish connections and find solutions so you may provide value to any organization. You may discover exciting new opportunities by learning these soft skills, showcasing them in an interview and refining them at work.

Sign up to Get Job Alerts. 

Applying early is crucial for landing any position you are interested in. You’ll never have to miss a job again with job alerts.  Interestingly, the ideal job search platform should offer Free Job Alerts you can subscribe to. 

You may receive relevant jobs in your email by properly setting up and utilising job alerts. This will enable you to apply as soon as a new position matching your profile is posted.

Work on your personal brand.

Developing a brand identity for a person or another entity is known as personal branding.

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In essence, it is how you represent your brand and its values to the outside world and make sure that your primary audience, or in this case, prospective employers or clients, know who you are, what you believe in, and why they should select you over other applicants.

Your personal brand also goes a long way towards convincing potential employers that you can take the initiative and drive results. 

Chisom Ofili, Head of Recruitment at Jobberman Nigeria, on advising job searchers in 2023, said, “Update your CV, and ensure that you are applying for the right jobs; the jobs that meet your specifications, such as experience, mode of work, location, and skills required. Remember that you have to be the best-interviewed candidate. Hiring Managers are looking for an entrepreneurial mindset that can be translated into results. This means that your CV and interview should leave the interviewer with the impression that you are result-oriented”.

Lastly, In 2023, anything you can do to separate yourself from the crowd will be hugely beneficial in setting you up for the kind of career you want to have. Being tactical and selective with the kind of jobs you apply for ultimately gives you a better chance of landing that job you desire.

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Cheers to you!

Bola Johnson
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