6 Marketing Keywords for your resume and How to use Them

The Marketing Department in every organization has a lot to say in determining the success of that organization because without Marketing, sales decline.

The Marketing Department in every organization has a lot to say in determining the success of that organization. If sales is the lifeblood of an organization, then Marketing is the very foundation upon which it is built. This is because without Marketing, there is quite very little sales to be made. Then it should come as no surprise that there are tons and tons of Marketing roles available in the job pool.

When it comes to Marketing, a shortage of availability of jobs can never be a problem, as more and more organizations have come to prioritize having a fully functional Marketing Department. All that’s left, really, is for you to carefully create your resume in a way that highlights your qualifications and positions you for the job.

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Being able to deliver on the job is a necessity, however, you need to first get the chance to prove yourself. Most hiring managers no longer have the time it takes to go through numerous CVs. Instead, they take advantage of technology like the Applicant Tracking System (ATS). This helps them to manage and expedite the hiring process. The Applicant Tracking System (ATS) helps recruiters to identify candidates, analyze their potential, track interview progress, grade applicants’ performance, make offers, and eventually make a hiring decision.

The process begins when the ATS sorts resumes  based on keywords relevant to the open positions. Therefore, it’s imperative that you include the keywords unique to the position you’re going for on your resume, in order to rank high. If you pay attention to them when applying for Marketing opportunities, you will have given yourself the best shot at passing through the ATS and making it to the interview stage.

As you look for your next Marketing opportunity, use these six keywords as a must-have on your Marketing resume:

  1. Campaign Ideas: The overall message that informs all of a campaign’s components and must be understood by the target audience is called the campaign idea. For optimum effect and relevance, the big idea must be based on a sharp insight and connected to the campaign’s goals. No one wants to hire a Marketer who doesn’t have ideas to run Marketing Campaigns for them. Including this in your CV is a huge selling point.
  2. Market Research: A new service or product’s viability is assessed through market research, which enables a business to identify the target market and gather input from customers regarding their interest in the good or service. This is a must-have keyword on your resume as a Marketing professional.
  3. Target audience demographics: Target market demography simply consists of identifying and classifying the people who are most likely to purchase your product or service by their demographic characteristics. 
  4. Collaborating: This is a very important skill for every Marketer to possess. Imagine trying to achieve Marketing objectives without being able to collaborate with others.
  5. Content creation: Entails the procedure of carrying out research, producing strategic ideas, developing those ideas into high-value collateral, and subsequently promoting those pieces to a target audience. Without content, there is nothing to use to Market the product.
  6. Marketing Strategy: A Marketing Strategy is a long-term plan for attaining a company’s objectives through comprehending client needs and developing a distinctive and sustainable competitive advantage. It covers everything, from figuring out who your customers are, to choosing the best medium to engage them with.

Marketers must be able to establish a chain of interaction between the customer and the company’s good or service. Because of this, your resume must demonstrate to employers that you possess these abilities. Here are examples of how you can use some of these keywords in your cv:

  • Used quality market research to identify Target Market and determine viability of product
  • Content Creation (grew organic traffic by 78% in 12 months).
  • Marketing Strategy  Planned and prepared advertising and promotional material and strategies  to achieve company objective

The above are just examples on how you can use these keywords in your Marketing Resume, as opposed to just listing them. If you are ready to land your next Marketing position, here’s what comes next:

  • Start updating your resume with these keywords.
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We’re positive you’ll have a success story upon applying these tips and eagerly await your testimonial!

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