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Must You Work in Lagos?!: 5 Other Nigerian States to Find a Job

So you’re hell-bent on finding employment in Lagos and sticking it out even if what you’re doing isn’t exactly your dream job? That doesn’t make much sense, considering that you can secure employment in other states and live far better than you would in Lagos.

This is where we’re coming from;

Fact 1: Working in Lagos is hard, very hard.

Fact 2: Commuting to, and from, work in a city like Lagos may kill you eventually (this is not a curse.)

Fact 3: Jobberman.com is Nigeria’s leading jobs website, advertising the most job vacancies every weekday.

Fact 4: We have access to reliable jobs statistics from around Nigeria. In plainer English, we know where the jobs are.

Based on said statistics, we’ve picked out the top five Nigerian states with a high number of job vacancies over the past two years, less competition for work (because of lower population densities) and a lower cost of living than Lagos. They may not have the bright lights and dazzling attractions of Nigeria’s busiest city, but these are places where you can live and work in peace without hustling to get through every day. Consider your options carefully.

Nathan Jeffery
Notification Bell