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3 Secrets of Effective Job Search

(credited to the officeprofessional.com)

Looking for a job can be frustrating. It seems that everyone around you has a job and you find yourself wondering where you are going wrong. There is no big secret when it comes to finding jobs, you just need to get a little insider know-how.

Explore all job channels!

Lots of jobs are advertised on recruitment websites like Jobberman.com and in the newspaper. However, sometimes it may be tricky to find the exact role you are looking for because they have already gone to the friends, relatives and neighbours of current employees.Jobberman Premium Job Alerts could help you with this: http://www.jobberman.com/pa  .Sometimes, employers request their workers to recommend people for some vacancies within the Organisations. Some employers even offer rewards and incentives. So start asking everyone you know if they can find out if there are any job openings where they work and indicate your interest. Don’t forget to also subscribe yourself to recruitment websites. You can start here.

The second reason many jobs don’t get advertised is that they’ve already gone to the resourceful people who contacted employers to ask if there were any jobs going. Many job seekers find out which employers have the kinds of work that they can do. They do this by checking company websites, asking around, or researching in newspapers. Then they send their CV off to that employer with a polite covering letter to ask if they could be considered for any current or future vacancies. This kind of proactive approach impresses employers, so get researching.

You’re only as good as your application.

It can get tiring, filling out application forms, writing covering letters and updating your CV. But those pieces of paper or electronic forms are representing you to the employer. You could be the best worker on the planet, but if you turn in a poorly presented application form or CV, then you’re only letting yourself down. Invest some time in getting your CV and your application forms right. If you’re not getting invited to interviews, then it’s worth getting a second opinion. Ask a trusted friend or relative to look at your applications and give you their honest opinion. Then act on their feedback. Another option is utilising Jobberman.com’s career services of CV writing, CV appraisal and cover letter writing. You can start by sending an email to cvs@jobberman.com or visit www.jobberman.com/career-services

Be prepared for interviews.

Interviews can come up at any time, so do everything you can always be prepared. Invest in your knowledge. Learn more about your environment and present circumstances (some employers just want to know how updated you are) and how these affect the activities of Organisations. Also, revise job descriptions thoroughly. Never let the interviewer catch you off-guard with questions you should have ready-made answers for. Imagine you’re the employer, what sort of questions would you ask an applicant? Then think of the answers you can give by incorporating some real life examples either from previous work experience or even during your university course. Make sure you wear something appropriate, but also make sure that you feel comfortable in it. Take a deep breath and smile. You sure would succeed if you plan well.



Nathan Jeffery
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