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You've been Hacked!

The era of password is long gone. Finished, Done for, Dead. I’m sure you agree with me if your social media or email accounts have been hacked at any time. Long gone is the era of strong password and stronger entry words. They do not protect anymore. Somewhere along the line the knight called password was disarmed and stripped bare until it is weak and has no sense of meaning.

In a recent hacking event, permit me to call it an event, Mat Honan, a senior writer at Wired.com whose accounts were hacked and wiped clean by some unseen aliens in the form of hackers talked about the issue with passwords. He made an important statement “No matter how complex, no matter how unique, your passwords can no longer protect you.”

Believe it or not passwords are no longer the right treasure boxes for holding important information and secrets.

There was a time when passwords were strong enough to be your sole protection; the times when you only had an email address and that was all. At that time you probably had a yahoo mail account and that was the only activity requiring personal information. However, times have changed and you have about 1,001 things you do online that require personal information: you shop online with credit cards, move from one account usage to another; you use incredible gadgets and programmes.

I assure you that a strong password won’t save your head when 12 year old hackers come leaning towards your accounts and stuff. You may just get fried up  by them.

You need to make sure your transactions are secure, beyond just the provision of passwords when you want to make transactions. According to Mat Honan after the experience in the hands of the password nappers: “For vital services — like your primary e-mail, or online banking account — you should demand at a minimum a second factor of authentication”.

If you think this rant is not worth your 2 kobo, think about your twitter, facebook or email that has probably been hacked before sending out those shameful spam messages unworthy of your persona. Now, play the same story as a famous person in your career or field. You account sends spam messages and you’re the one handling these accounts for your company. Or you become very successful and the monies begin to roll in and a certain 15 year old gains access to your online banking account and your credit card.

Now you get what I’m saying. Keep yourself safe online especially when it comes to money issues.

What do you think? How should you protect yourself online?


Nathan Jeffery
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