Who is a CEO?

Jobs in Nigeria, Nigeria JobsSometimes people are more interested in “being a” certain person rather than doing the work such a title requires. I have an acquaintance who is more interested in “being a reflective person” than actually reflecting. Lots of people are more interested in “being a writer” than committing to the difficult task of adhering their buttocks to the chair. They want the identity caché without the hard work – can you handle the daily stack of papers?!

I was chatting with my colleague over the last week and he reminded me all we needed within the Executive Leadership is flawless Execution. This got me thinking. Hmmm, “What makes a CEO?”

I think a good CEO has to do three things. It’s more like a Trinity. You can’t leave one hanging – everything must be in sync.

The first part is coming up with the vision and you have to make sure all the entire team not just the leadership believes in the dream and understands it. You need the power to incite and excite. I think this is very important.

The second job is execution. I believe a CEO actually means Chief Execution Officer, not Chief Executive Omota (RIP Dagrin) or Chief Executive Officer and good ideas aren’t as valuable as they might be until you make them happen. You might have heard people say, “The devil is in the details.” I think this is very true. And so a lot of time has to be spent on making sure things work out. You just have to figure it out.

The third and last part is measurement. I truly believe it’s critical to measure. Nothing measured, nothing managed. So before the execution process, the CEO sits down with the team and run an inquiring session: “What are the metrics that will paint what success looks like?”. This question is important to determine what is working and what is not and quickly adapt accordingly. So creating the metrics up front, and having the discipline of saying NO – this is not the direction we need to go when things get out of hand – is critical.

This is what a CEO means to me. Challenging our own success is one of the key elements to staying ahead.

Life and Careers are about asking the right questions. Please ask us anything. I found out in life, nobody knows everything!

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Nathan Jeffery
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