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What One Thing Would You Regret Not Doing This Year?



2013 is almost over, forget we are just in February; you’ll soon realise how fast this year rolled by.

You’ve read the tips and shortcuts to reach all your goals in 2013; you’ve never been more prudent and specific, you made a few new year resolutions and then set out on your journey down the road to your goal. You were really motivated at the start of the year to get some things done before the end of it, you seemed to have gotten it right this time.

And then you it dawns on you, your plans weren’t as realistic as you thought, it only sounds good in theory. Maybe you even tried using 3 words this time but right now it’s so hard to even part your lips to say them at all. There’s just too much distracting you, your work-life balance is really tanking at the moment. “I’ll do better next year” and then you sink bank into your normal life.

Skip the resolutions talk, nobody has the time for that. Forget your goals or 3 words, it’s difficult to practice. Fine. I’m not angry.

But here’s one simple thing you can do. Think of your life as a tape in the player; fast-forward it to say 6 or 8 months from now, what one thing would you regret not doing? Failing to break a habit? No job? Not finding the one? Put yourself  in the shoes of ‘future you’, get wrapped up in that feeling, now you know what you really want done this year.

It’s then a question of the things you can do to accomplish that goal. It’s a start-point to doing something good for yourself this year.  It doesn’t matter that we are far into the new year,  it’s not really about getting it absolutely right but more about trying.

Stop reacting to everything life throws at you. No more passive “I’ll wait and see how this turns out” comments. Get up and do something. Build a network, pick a new hobby, ditch your passion – solve a problem, find a new passion – solve an old problem, anything at all. Just do what matters most to you now.

So tell me, how are you doing with your goals this year?

Nathan Jeffery
Notification Bell