The Alliance for Better Work: Employer Launch Event

The jobberman alliance for better work

On the 21st of September 2021, Jobberman Nigeria launched the Alliance for Better Work; a recruitment club that gives employers access to the largest pool of trained quality candidates in the country, innovative end-to-end recruitment, post-hiring support, brand amplification, and exclusive rates, all tailored to employers specific needs.

The employer-centred initiative is geared to radically bolster recruitment in Nigeria, focusing on driving female hires and providing integrated end-to-end support on the easy-to-use online jobs platform.

The event started with a warm introduction to all employer partners.

A woman speaking on a microphone
A woman speaking on a microphone
A woman speaking on a microphone

Employer Partners were taken through the Young Africa Works Journey, re-introducing our mandate with the Mastercard foundation while suggesting ways that each of these companies can contribute to the success of this mandate to train 5 million youths and place 3 million in dignified work by 2025.

Women speaking on a stage with people watching her
Man speaking on stage with people sitting watching him

The Alliance for Better Work has been designed to improve job retention, workplace productivity, business development and, crucially, bridge the gap on gender unemployment. To date, employers have faced challenges such as the cost of training new employees, a flood of unfiltered applications, and a wide skills gap.

Jobberman CEO, Ms Rolake Rosiji, reaffirmed Jobbermans values and goals of improving Nigeria’s workforce and the business landscape. She urged employers to commit to this mission and stated clearly that members of the club are here to push themselves and move their fields forward. Most importantly, members interact with people inside and outside of their niche. They learn more about how to do their job better and become part of the bigger picture. It’s more than networking. It’s connecting.

Woman with a microphone in her hands speaking on a stage
Woman with a microphone in her hands speaking on a stage

The event was filled with high energy and innovative minds. Employers got to connect and rub minds on various ways to improve their recruitment process and contribute to the hiring of young Nigerians around the country.

A man and a woman chatting on stage.

A group of people posing for a photo.
Two women chatting.

With over a decade in the recruitment business, Jobberman has used its platform to develop job seeker skill sets, identify gaps in the labour market, and streamline employers’ hiring processes. The partnership with the Mastercard Foundation is steering transformative change in the issues surrounding unemployment in Nigeria. The partnership aims to train 5 million job seekers and place 3 million in dignified employment over five years.

Companies interested in being a part of the Alliance for Better Work campaign can sign-up or by sending an email to

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