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What is the Alliance for Better Work?

Alliance for Better Work is a recruitment club that gives you access to the largest pool of trained quality candidates in the country, innovative end-to-end recruitment and post-hiring support, brand amplification, and exclusive rates, all tailored to your specific needs.

What do you stand to gain?

Access to the largest, pre-vetted jobseeker database in the country

 By joining the alliance, you get access to the best talent on the Jobberman platform for entry-level, mid-level, and senior roles, segmented by industry and qualification level. You also have access to the best undergraduate interns from top partner universities in the country!

Free Internship listing and access to cutting-edge/bespoke HR solutions, at exclusive prices

As a member of the alliance, you get free job listings for internship /graduate trainee positions and have access to customized discount packages on our products such as Best Match, Pro-Recruit, and Assessments.

Free soft skills training, personality and psychometric tests for existing staff

We’re not only offering you access to new recruits but reskilling and upskilling opportunities for your team. As well as access to carefully constructed tests that will help make better-informed decisions

Brand visibility and amplification

Every business is a star under the alliance. Your brand will get the extra visibility it needs with our customized employer pages and we’ll amplify your story in our newsletters and targeted events.

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