Top 5 Most Ranked Good Company Traits

good company traits

Good company traits are those characteristics candidates seek out for that makes an organisation the bride of the best and brightest candidates. Latest recruitment trends have shown that job seekers are fully armed with the tools and information that informs their decision of accepting an offer from your company or turning it down outright.

According to the 2019 edition of the report derived from the ‘Best 100 Companies to Work For in Nigeria’ survey, Shell claimed the number one spot on the ranking while Chevron was voted the most ‘desired’, and ‘respected’ brand.

Let’s take a look at the top characteristics as identified by survey respondents of the ‘Best 100 Companies to Work For in Nigeria’ report, which your organisation can adopt. For clarity, we should explain here that these traits have been split into two broad sections – the ‘Intrinsic Company Traits’ and the ‘Company Wildcard Traits.’ We will explore both sections separately.

The Intrinsic Company Traitsgood company traits

Below are the good company traits that fall under the intrinsic company traits:

Competitive Pay Package: Offering a competitive or market-rate salary ranked first among respondents. This is a vital factor for employees and it also plays a huge role in employee retention. It’s important to note that a competitive pay package goes beyond mere salaries. If you are looking for current market-rate salary trends, check insights tools here.

Career Growth: Setting clear career growth metrics for job roles within your organisation helps candidates align with your vision and goals as well as their own. No qualified employee with an eye for career advancement will remain with an organisation that lacks opportunities for career growth, which is why this has to be integrated into your vision, goals, culture and strategy.

Job Security: It is important that you communicate the job security culture of your organisation clearly and the best way to do this is to integrate it into your hiring and retention strategy. Based on the report, employees want to know that you don’t have a ‘hiring and firing’ culture; where employees find themselves in a toxic working environment.

Financially Stable Company: Your organisation’s financial stability should be in-sync with your pay package because attracting employees with high unsustainable packages would eventually lead to frustrated employees and higher churn rates.

Welfare Benefits: Factors such as social security and health insurance also help in simplifying employees’ lives as it impacts their peace of mind and overall well-being.

The Company Wildcard Traitsgood company traits

The company wildcard traits are characteristics not suggested in the survey reports but are desired by career professionals across Nigeria. The following are the top 5 traits from the list.

Staff Support: Equipping employees with the right tools to get their work done is crucial for their productivity.

Reputable Company: A company’s reputation is essential to the business’ survival as it instills trust and confidence in not only the consumers but employees as well.

Conducive Work Environment: A work environment that allows employees to excel, grow and learn is important for the company’s growth.

Team Work: Two heads are better than one; a workplace that is collaboration-friendly is crucial for productivity and learning.

Corporate Culture: This refers to shared values, attitudes, and beliefs of an organisation. It plays a pivotal role in an organisation’s success or failure.

Final Thoughts on Good Company Traits

Statistics have shown that being happy and valued by an organisation is important to the job satisfaction level of employees. If you get this right, retaining the best and brightest professionals would be a walk in the park for your organisation. Get a copy of the full report here.

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