Customer Service Keywords to include in your resume

Your resume is your most effective weapon as a Customer Service representative looking for a job. A strong resume will help you stand out and secure interviews.

Your resume is your most effective weapon as a Customer Service representative looking for a job. A strong resume will help you stand out and secure interviews, while a weak resume will leave you stranded with no hope of success. You can strategically improve your chances of getting a good Customer Service representative job by using keywords relating to customer service in your resume, especially because recruiters and hiring managers use those keywords to look for qualified candidates.

The following keywords should definitely be highlighted in your resume:

  • Excellent communication skills: In relating with customers, communication is crucial. You need to highlight the important communication skills you have as a Customer Service representative in your resume. This covers the ability to personalize interactions, active listening skills, use of positive language, empathy, and clear and concise conversations.
  • Customer support: As a Customer Service representative, you must be able to emphasise your ability to help customers solve technical issues they might encounter while using the company’s products and services. It is also essential that you have a handy example to relay during the interview process.
  • Ability to multitask: Customer Service representatives are typically expected to manage several tasks at one time; speaking to a customer over the phone, while jotting down information the person may provide, responding to an email, or writing to a customer in a chat session. You must highlight these skills in your resume.
  • Phone etiquette: Having good phone etiquette plays a large part in maintaining a solid connection with your customers and ensuring an air of professionalism. This skill should not be omitted from your resume.
  • Familiarity with CRM systems: CRM systems put you in a better position to know who your customers are and help you provide personalised, thoughtful service and support to them. Recruiters are always on the lookout for candidates who are familiar with CRM systems and tools.
  • Client Management: A Customer Service representative’s responsibility is to improve the customer experience and strengthen the bond between a business and its customers. The skill you use to accomplish this is known as client management. If you want recruiters drawn to your resume, then it  should not be excluded from it.
  • Complaint resolution: As a Customer Service representative, complaints are inevitable, and you must be able to prove yourself as a professional who can bring resolution and satisfaction to customers. It’s not enough to have the skills; you should also be able to point them out on your resume when putting it together.

It’s time to land your next customer service job! . Here are the next steps to take:

  • Put the listed keywords into your resume.
  • Create a Jobberman profile that is exclusively for job seekers.
  • There are over 100 customer service jobs listed here, so start looking and applying!

Good luck!

Daniel Oluwatosin
Notification Bell