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5 Reasons You Should Quit Your Job Today.

Deciding on whether to quit your job can be a very tough decision to make; you know you are tired and want to give up but you also think of the piling bills and the people you are accountable to. This is hard, you’ll say, but sometimes situations make it necessary to quit the job. Like these five reasons below;

Source: Corbis Images.
Source: Corbis Images.

No recognition
You love your job maybe, and the people you work with are fabulous except that nobody ever considers appreciating you for a job well done or thinks you  fit for a higher role in the company; you are just another face in the crowd as far as your coworkers and bosses are concerned, or worse still, you are that guy they always want to stick around.
This proves a point, that passion doesn’t trump it all, a little recognition from time to time could be what you need to move on a faster pace. What’s the point in working if your boss hugs all the glory on your behalf (without your consent). If you are in this kind of situation, you might need to quit your job. This unethical habit of taking credit for your hardwork can yank off your self-esteem and confidence which you’d need to arm yourself with for better opportunities. Try look out to a place where you will get credit for your work and the opportunity to grow. Further if you are not part of important departmental meetings which you think you deserve, then you should quit your current job. Recognition boosts morale as well as brings opportunity to grow.

Physical safety
As part of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, physical need is the most important human need. A typical office environment should be comfortable enough to work in, with policies that won’t threaten your stay on the job, or your life.  If your current working environment affects your health then you should consider getting a new job instead. If your current job requires you to reply late night messages and work round the clock by working at home or demands overtime, then it is perfect time to quit your job.

No growth prospects
Every business has a life cycle. It starts, grows, matures and then declines. If you get a whiff around company discreet news and you realise the company is looking to reduce overhead cost, you should consider looking out for other jobs. Companies that lack growth prospects or stability are not places to stay committed to for a long time.

How do you know a company is going bankrupt? There are various indicators that a business is about to shut down for a long time; some of them include consistently declining profits, fall in market share, competitor’s new products replaced company’s best selling products, high competition plunges into the company’s profit margin etc.

Work load increase
Sometimes, company management, in a bid to increase returns, retrench employees to reduce costs and in turn increase the workload of other employees. The perk might be a slight salary increase but in the end, it wouldn’t matter since the overwhelming workload chops off more time and by extension every other thing that matter to you. At the end of the day employees suffers. If you find yourself sacrificing family time and personal pursuits for your job then you are not meant to toll that path.

Work environment
The average individual spends 8 to 10 hours at work and another 8 hours sleeping, perhaps does a 2 or 4-hour commute in between.  So he spends most of his time at work. That leaves a few hours to spend time on things he considers important. Since most of our relationships are formed at work, the office environment should be equitable, friendly and lively; this keeps you happy even on a not-so- good job. If the work environment is full of office politics where a company’s human resource policies are not followed strictly then it is better to leave this kind of company than to suffer in such environment.

This sounds easy in theory considering the high rate of unemployment in the country but it’s worth the try.

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