5 benefits of joining the Alliance for Better Work

5 benefits of joining the alliance for better work

We recently launched the Alliance for Better Work Initiative, an exclusive recruitment club dedicated to providing premium services and tailored support. The employer-centred initiative is geared to radically bolster recruitment in Nigeria, focusing on driving female hires and providing integrated end-to-end support on the easy-to-use online jobs platform.

It’s not just a membership, it’s an opportunity, an opportunity to experience unique opportunities designed to build deep relationships among Nigeria business leaders.

Here are 5 benefits of joining the Alliance for better work –

Access to the largest pool of trained quality candidates in Nigeria: By joining the Alliance, you get access to the best talent on the Jobberman platform for entry-level, mid-level, and senior roles, segmented by industry and qualification level. You also have access to the best undergraduate interns from top partner universities in the country.

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Experience unique opportunities to build deep relationships among Nigeria business leaders: Becoming a member of the Alliance means joining a growing community of people driving Nigeria’s business landscape to success. Access some of the top players in the industry and build profitable connections that can help widen your business horizon. For members, we activate our network of trusted experts and exclusive programming to elevate your entire organization and team. It’s a highly customized member experience.

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Innovative end-to-end recruitment support: We know that hiring top-tier talent is a critical aspect of the success of any company and we have different products to support you in this regard. We also screen and vet candidates through the use of personality tests, functional tests, and video-based interviews.

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Exclusive Rates and Packages: By partnering with us, you will access customized discount packages (20%) on our products, such as Job Listings, Best Match, Pro-Recruit, and Assessments.

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Free soft skills training, personality and psychometric tests for an existing team: We understand the need for professionals in your workforce, which is why we offer upskilling and reskilling opportunities for your staff members. By becoming a member, you get to develop your organization and your people: help your team grow professionally and personally, increase your company’s visibility, elevate your corporate brand. Visit www.jobberman.com/softskills to learn more

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Free Internship Listings: Employers will have access to the best undergraduate interns from top tertiary institutions and training organisations as well as graduate interns already registered on our platform.

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Post Hiring Support: We have a support team that provides background checks, reference forms, and required verification services.

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By joining this Alliance, you become a direct contributor to placing young Nigerians in dignified employment and paving the way to succeed in a digital future. Join the club of employers committed to hiring better, together! Simply click this LINK to sign up, or you can reach out to us via marketing@jobberman.com for more information on the club and other services.

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