14 Years of Uniting Ambitions: Jobberman Nigeria’s Journey

One name stands out in Nigeria’s vibrant recruitment and human capital development scene as a symbol of empowerment and success: Jobberman Nigeria. This year, the company celebrates a considerable achievement – 14 years of transforming dreams into realities, shaping professional journeys, and crafting inspiring success stories. 

Jobberman has etched its mark as a driving force for change and growth through its recruitment and human capital development legacy.

From the outset, Jobberman’s commitment to excellence has set it apart. The organisation’s unwavering dedication to connecting talent with opportunities has made it a pillar of the country’s workforce ecosystem. 

This path has been one of impact, where the act of hiring goes well beyond business dealings and into the world of realising dreams.

As the anniversary week unfolded, Jobberman’s core and mission came to the forefront. The week kicked off with a company-wide product discussion and fine-tuning, a testament to the organisation’s continuous pursuit of excellence. Rooted in their operational procedure, this practice reflects the constant endeavour to better serve our partners and stakeholders.

An integral aspect of Jobberman’s journey has been the people who form its beating heart. In recognition of this, the prestigious JobberChamp Award took centre stage, honouring the dedication and passion of select Jobberman humans. For 14 years, the company has celebrated those who inspire through their daily contributions, infusing the workplace with a sense of purpose and commitment.

However, it wasn’t all business as usual. Amid the celebrations, the spirit of friendly competition reigned supreme. The Jobberman Champions Cup, a thrilling tournament, embodied the team’s enthusiasm and unity. Team Executive Recruitment emerged victorious, a testament to the team’s dedication and collective spirit.

But Jobberman’s vision extends beyond the workplace. The anniversary week also encompassed a Health Talk in collaboration with Reliance Health, focusing on enhancing productivity by nurturing a healthy sleep cycle. This holistic approach to employee well-being mirrors the company’s understanding of the pivotal connection between personal well-being and professional success.

The pinnacle of the celebration was a day at Omu Resort, an opportunity for the team to recharge and rejuvenate. This well-deserved respite symbolised Jobberman’s core value – to foster an environment where personal and professional growth flourishes.

Over the years, Jobberman has achieved remarkable milestones, each a testament to its dedication to progress.

With a staggering one million individuals trained in essential soft skills and the publication of impactful research reports, such as the ‘How Do Young People Survive Without Jobs Report,’ the company’s imprint reaches far beyond the realm of recruitment.

The digital platform, boasting over 2.6 million job seekers and more than 75,000 employers, serves as a testament to Jobberman’s enduring commitment to creating opportunities. As the company looks ahead, the foundation of its journey remains solid and unwavering.

We stand poised on the verge of a new chapter in a journey driven by a relentless goal to continuously unite ambitions, spur growth, and open the door to a brighter professional future. 

Relive Jobberman’s journey here.

Here’s to 14 years of empowerment, resilience, and making #14YearsStrong.

Bola Johnson
A Digital Brand Content Writer and Brand Storyteller, navigating Marketing, Advertising, & Public Relations, to help brands connect to people.
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