4 reasons why employers use the Jobberman Skills Assessments Tool

These days, we are looking for solutions, finding ways to make processes easier, cheaper and faster. When starting a business, you shouldn’t focus on what service you want to offer but what problem you want to solve. At Jobberman, we provide solutions for all things HR and recruitment.

Our latest recruitment solution is called ‘Jobberman Skills Assessments’; this product was borne out of a desire to reduce recruitment errors and to tackle problems associated with performance after a job applicant has been hired following the show of a great resume. According to our research, 36% of all hires end up being wrong hires and HR managers have revealed over time that they are faced with the “Lion on CV, cat on the Job” scenario.

The Jobberman Skills Assessments tool is tailored assessments for different job functions, allowing you to test for the core competencies and knowledge required for your specific role.

Employers have been all over this product and here’s why –

Proven to improve hiring decision – Skill testing can assist you in making smarter hiring decisions; you get to look beyond the CV and test applicants to make sure their skills are just what you need to get the job done. These tests have been curated by experts and are excellent predictors of a candidate’s ability to perform the tasks required for the role, therefore helping you objectively pick the most capable candidates.

The Jobberman Skills Assessment is a great product, it helped me narrow down my search by categorizing the applicants according to their performance in the assessment. I was able to fill my role a lot faster with the Assessment product –

John Pension-Smith (Chairman, Capsfeed Limited)

Less time-consuming hiring process – Our skills assessments tool gets what you need to get done faster and better. You can reduce significant time spent on the unnecessary elements in the hiring process that directly increase the costs of low-value aspects of recruiting. The skills assessments tool reduces the efforts and hassles involved in screening resumes, scheduling interviews, and organizing test.

I had a very memorable experience using the Jobberman Skills Assessment product. A friend recommended that I use Jobberman for my recruitment exercise. The Assessment made the shortlisting process very interesting and exciting, I got really competent applicants, who all met the requirement for the job; it was a tough choice to choose those that were to be hired in the end. I advise other employers to use the Jobberman Assessment feature and be rest assured that you will get value. – 

Mohammed Abdullahi (Head, HR and Admin, Lubell Nigeria)

Save money! – Using our skills assessments can help you save money in two key ways – you can eliminate unqualified candidates early in the selection process, thus saving your hiring managers’ time; a shorter and more effective hiring process equals less money spent. You can also avoid the high cost of a bad hire and hiring only the best, most productive candidates.

It only gives you the best of the best – Jobseekers have over the years, gotten great at learning how to craft amazing CVs but finding out your candidate cannot deliver on what she/he promised can be disappointing. Our skills assessments guarantee you the best of the best; candidates that have the right skills to take your business forward.

Want to try out this product? You can simply refer your friends and colleagues to sign up on our jobs platform and you both earn N54,000 in skills assessment credits!! It’s a win-win! Start referring here.

Jobberman Staff Writer
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