Meet our Social Media Maestro: The Handler Who Keeps our Communities Engaged!

From replying to the barrage of DMs on our social media pages to keeping our communities engaged, and informed, our Community Marketer is a vibe!

If you’ve ever wondered what it feels like to do fun stuff for work, you’ll find out first-hand from someone who lives the life. From feeding the social media audiences across platforms with relevant information to creating content that drives followers to keep coming back and telling the Jobberman story, work for Zeenat “Zee” Owolarafe is fun, and fun is work…

In celebration of the amazing employer-employee relationship between Jobberman and its staff, we interviewed one of the staff members to get her unfiltered opinion about her life and experience as a Jobberman staff. She has been in the organisation for about 6 months as at the time of this publication. 

Step into the mind of one of Jobberman Nigeria’s Marketing team..

Q & A

I Joined Jobberman in November 2023. What got me interested was the name. I checked out their social media and saw an EVP video of an employer, which intrigued me. It made me curious about the company’s work culture, so here I am!

What I really enjoy about working at Jobberman is the work flexibility and ability to share new ideas that people don’t just put aside. This has definitely given me a sense of satisfaction at work.

Honestly, Jobberman surpassed my expectations; no kidding! I thought it would be just like any other company with boring work values and culture, but it’s actually quite different.

When I’m not working, I enjoy scrolling through social media—it’s like doing my job while indulging in something I love, I enjoy seeing what’s trending, laughing at funny posts, and feeling warm inside at sweet ones. Swimming is another passion of mine; it helps me relax and escape from the outside world, even if only for a little while. Both activities help me strike a balance between work and life.

Happiness by Asake!!!

Since I started, I’ve learned the importance of adding my own special touch to everything I do. This has helped me grow professionally because I’m now more open to new ideas and not afraid to share my own.

If I could switch roles with anyone in the company for a day, it would be someone from the MERL (Monitoring, Evaluation, Research & Learning) team, AKA the nerds at Jobberman. I’m curious to see how they do their work, always busy with their laptops with unending slides, research and looking serious. (P.S. Let’s keep this between us!)

I enjoy offline meetings because I like seeing people’s expressions when we share ideas or learn something new. But that doesn’t mean I dislike online meetings. You could even wear a clown mask (not that you should!) and nobody would notice as far as you say things that align with what the meeting is about.

What do you think? Hit or miss? If the Minister for Happiness had a face, would our wonderful Zee be appointed?

Thelma Nwosu
Notification Bell