White Paper: Ways to Keep Millenials Productive at Work

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The Jobberman white paper on ‘Millenials and The Digital Marketplace: How to Keep Millenials Productive in the Workplace’ explores ways to enhance employee productivity as a top priority for employers as well as how this can be achieved.

For a better understanding of millennials and productivity in the workplace, we surveyed 5,380 Nigerian employed millennials, and their responses are specifically reflected in our survey data results section.

Furthermore, we interviewed key management staff (Senior Director of People, Operations Director and People Operations Manager) and numerous developers from Andela. We also gathered data from our internal database at Jobberman and from external research.

For this white paper, Andela, a Pan- African company that identifies and develops Africa’s most talented software developers served as our case study. The Andela brand embodies a corporate culture that stimulates and engenders productivity among millennials in the workplace.

Andela’s mission to advance human potential by empowering today’s teams and investing in tomorrow’s leaders through the brand’s ‘EPIC’ values as captured in the acronym: Excellence, Passion, Integrity and Collaboration.

Over the years, the workplace has continued to evolve and a number of global trends have been adopted and are currently taking centre stage in some African markets.

Millennial’s are fast becoming the teeming populace of the workforce across Nigeria. Therefore, it is essential for employers to create an employee-centred culture that fosters their productivity.

Have you struggled to find and keep millennial’s productive in the workplace? Our findings show that it does not have to be a daunting task if employers focus on 5 important factors that include the Work Culture, Sense of Pride, Diversity & Inclusion, Training & Development Opportunities and Tools.

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