Topics To Avoid At Work

For many of us, work is not just where we make money. It is also where we catch fun because that is where most of our friends are. Since we spend most of our active hours at the office, it is no surprise that most of our acquaintances are our colleagues and sometimes, our bosses. Our relationships can even extend outside the office as we discuss issues that affect not just the job, but our private lives.

Attractive as that might sound, we need to be careful because not all issues are meant to be discussed at work. This is because the office is a public place and has a large room for more than a pair of ears. Some people have indulged in careless talk that had cost them their promotion, respect and even their jobs (you do not want that to happen to you). So, while you enjoy your time with your colleagues, be watchful of what you say and avoid the following topics as much as possible:

  • Religion

Religion is a personal choice and people can be very sensitive about their practices. Speaking against the religion of other people in favour of your own can lead to argument and unnecessary hatred especially in a religious-conscious society like ours. Therefore, be discreet in the display of your religion. An innocent religious statement may lead to disaster in the office.

  • Politics

While you think military rule is still the best for your country, your colleague insists civilian is still the best. The office is no place to argue this. Never try to force your political beliefs on another. Respect people’s opinion. Your boss may just be aspiring to be the next civilian governor.

  • Your sexual exploits

Aha! Now, I got your full attention. No body is interested in listening to your sexual affairs or your love life. In fact, talking about it makes them uncomfortable and can even be counted as sexual harassment. So, keep your exploits to yourself. They are irrelevant to us.

  • Your next career move

Talking about your career aspirations will get your colleagues and boss question your loyalty to your present job. If you aspire for a promotion, instead of going about blabbing, it is better you show it in your actions by working hard. If you decide to get another job outside the Company, go through the formal process of resignation. If your employer gets a whiff of what you are planning before you resign, s/he might just decide to pass you the pink slip and that may take you three steps backward in your career.

  • Your Family Problems

Now, every one has his/her problems to solve. Do not compound their unsolved issues with yours. Talking about your family members shows you are not concerned about their privacy and tells your employer you cannot be trusted with Company secrets.

  • Your salary

Your salary is your personal secret; that is why it is clearly written in your appointment letter that you should not discuss it with fellow colleagues. When you talk and compare your salary with others, you arouse jealousy and discontent if you find out you earn more or less than others.

  • Your health problems

Lastly, while you may take time off to take care of your health, it is nobody’s business to know the details of your health problems. Every time you talk about an occurring illness, you tell your boss you are incapable of handling the job and he had better started looking for a healthy replacement. No one wants to have a liability for an employee.


Nathan Jeffery
Notification Bell