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Various reports and listicles have been released in recent years from job platforms like Jobberman, LinkedIn and more, naming the top companies to work in Nigeria. A lot of these reports like the 2022 LinkedIn Top Companies list mostly focused on large companies from the banking, Oil and Gas and FMCGs industries with at least 500 employees. A slightly older report is the Jobberman Best 100 companies to work for in Nigeria 2019 which was based on direct nominations by 3,148  survey respondents. This report was more balanced and featured companies from various industries including tech companies.

For our new list, however, we were focused on ranking workplaces in the logistics startup space, one of the fastest-growing startup sectors in Nigeria. Our rankings were based on reviews analysed from the employee review platform, Glassdoor, for the top logistics tech companies in the country. 

Here is our list of the best companies to work for in Nigeria within the Logistics startups space:

  1. Glovo (Glassdoor Rating: 3.9)

Glovo, a food delivery and logistics company makes the top of our list with the highest Glassdoor rating at almost 4.0 and 78% of employees on Glassdoor say they would recommend the company to a friend. As #1, Glovo blends various strong traits of what a great company should be like. It combines a high ranking of 3.5 in compensation and in company cultures, with employees saying some of the pros of working at Glovo include the pay and benefits as well as great company culture and values. Glovo also ranks high in diversity, career opportunities and work-life balance. Here’s a breakdown of the aspects of the organization that employees ranked:

Culture & Values: 3.9/5

Diversity & Inclusion: 4.2/5

Work/Life Balance: 3.6/5

Senior Management: 3.5/5

Compensation and Benefits: 3.5/5

Career Opportunities: 3.6/5

Out of the 1,303 written reviews, these were the most popular sentiments used by employees to describe their positive experiences:


  • “Great company culture and values” (in 75 reviews)
  • “Great team” (in 79 reviews)
  • “Good compensation and benefits” (in 17 reviews)
  1. Kobo Logistics (Glassdoor 3.7)

Second on our list is Kobo Logistics, a startup offering logistics solutions and truck brokerage services. 79% of employees here say they would recommend the company to a friend. Ratings on other aspects of the organization include:

Culture & Values: 3.5/5

Work/Life Balance: 3.1/5

Senior Management: 3.3/5

Compensation and Benefits: 3.9/5

Of the 58 written reviews left by employees on Glassdoor, the most popular positive sentiments shared were: 


  • “Average pay” (in 3 reviews)
  • “Salary is competitive, flexible working culture” (3 reviews)
  • “Amazing colleagues” (3 reviews)
  1. Jumia (Glassdoor rating 3.6)

Jumia, an eCommerce and logistics company in Nigeria stands as No. 3 on our list. 75% of Jumia employees on Glassdoor say they would recommend their workplace to a friend. The company also rates well on the following:

Culture & Values: 3.4/5

Work/Life Balance: 3.2/5

Senior Management: 3.2/5

Compensation and Benefits: 3.1/5

Among the 1,099 written reviews left on Glassdoor the most common positive feedback included: 


  • “Good work environment” (57 reviews)
  • “Great people & colleagues” (58 reviews)
  • “Great teams” (20 reviews)
  1. (Glassdoor rating 3.5)

Spot 4 on our list goes to, a mobile platform that connects users to motorcycle-taxi drivers. With a total of 15 reviews on Glassdoor, 74% of employees say they would recommend this workplace to a friend. Employees also rated the following for other aspects of their workplace: 

Culture & Values: 2.9/5

Diversity & Inclusion: 3.6/5

Work/Life Balance: 2.7/5

Compensation and Benefits: 3.2/5

  1. Gokada (Glassdoor rating: 3.3)

Final on our list is Gokada, a courier delivery company with a rating of 3.3 on Glassdoor. 71% of employees on Glassdoor say they would recommend the company to a friend. Here’s how the company scores on other aspects based on a total of 15 reviews made by employees.

Culture & Values: 3.1/5

Diversity & Inclusion: 3.6/5

Senior Management: 3.2/5

Compensation and Benefits: 2.8/5

Other companies we analysed included Kwik Delivery, ShapShap, and Topship. These companies scored less than 3.0 in employee ratings. Our analysis also discovered that the most common sentiments behind employee reviews were focused on good pay, a great work environment, good people and culture and a strong management team. These aspects make up the most important workplace experience for employees in the logistics startup space, and most likely across all industries.

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