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Top 7 GIANTS You Must Have In Your Network

One of the most consistent avenues for finding a job, in an unsecure economy like Nigeria, is networking (sure you will agree with me). In fact, many believe that regardless of your hard-earned certificates, without the right ‘connection’, you cannot land your dream job. Well, they may be right.

Networking is, indeed, an important component of the job search, but it can only be worth it if you surround yourself with the right people. I prefer to call these people ‘giants’ because they are very critical to your professional survival. Their input into your career life this year can either make or mar you. Without much ado, who are these giants?

Giant 1: The Guide

Otherwise called the mentor, this person has a measurable amount of experience of success you aspire to have and can lead you to avoid dangerous traps. She/he is watching you evolve from the caterpillar you were to the colourful butterfly you want to be; knows your strengths and weaknesses and is willing to harness your potentials maximally to get you to your peak. Think carefully. Who is this person in your life? Visit him/her today.

Giant 2: The Manager

This giant helps you make objective and critical decisions, especially when you are at a crossroads. She/he has a goal – to make you succeed and pushes you towards that. Strangely, this person may not be around you every time, but comes in at that very crucial moment, bringing the solution you never thought there was.

Giant 3: The Link

Whenever you need information or connection to people, places or recent activities, this person is the best bet. Not only does he/she link you with opportunities, they also add value to your life by immediately contacting you once they come across something they feel is relevant to your business. This person may just be the geek next door you have always ignored. Add him today!

Giant 4: The Criticizer

Now, don’t run away because you always like to hear good things about yourself and your ideas. This person is a realist and will always bring out the loopholes you have failed to see. She/he does not bring down your dreams, but only challenges you to put in the commensurate effort. Don’t be offended if they sound a little negative; their sole intention is to keep you on track.

Giant 5: The Dreamer

I have brought this next to the criticizer because asides their similarities, this giant, as the name implies, makes you dream and get ideas that can help you develop plans to reach your goals. So, it is possible you end up with many roads that will lead to the market. The main goal is to stretch you mind to its full capacity.

Giant 6: The Complementor

This is the person you can call upon when you hit the brick wall. Admit! You are not good at everything. There are areas where Paris’ arrows must not hit. Personally, I am not the mathematical type. In fact, figures make me sweat. But I have a friend (she is mathematics redefined) whose sleeping and waking thoughts are ‘Pythagorean’. So, when I come across my ‘weak’ areas, I run to her for help and speed on with my career. The complementor helps you with areas you are not good in. Who complements you?

Giant 7: The Spiritualist

Now, I am becoming a religious fanatic, you may say, but wait, let me prove my point. Spirituality and career are intertwined. Spirituality is an essence of life and it determines our thinking and personality, which in turn affects our career choice. When we get to a dark tunnel in our career and it seems all looks impossible, we get to a stage where we seek supernatural help and what best way than to have someone of like-faith close to us then. That encouraging word from this giant may just be what will uplift our faith and courage in our quest to succeed. (still considering me a fanatic?)

Take a moment and do a checklist. If there are connecting gaps yet to be filled, better late than never.  We still have a lot of time into the year. You can begin networking. You may have other types of people (not mentioned here) you know are relevant to career advancement. Why not share your knowledge with the rest of the world?

Happy networking!




Nathan Jeffery
Notification Bell