Preparing for Your Future with a 3rd Class/Pass Degree

Preparing for Your Future with a 3rd Class/Pass Degree


Even though finishing from the university with poor results seems like planning to build a castle with sticks and stones, it does not have to be the end of your big dreams. You probably had difficulties in the university, dealing with a lot of issues or you spent more than half of your time in the university missing classes or busy with other social events and now that university is over for you with a 3rd class or Pass, you are wiser in retrospect. A do-over is less than appealing and you can’t help but envy the studious ones who ended up with high paying jobs in blue-chip companies.

Many students, especially in Nigerian universities never really end up studying the course of their choice or their dreams, rather they settle for whatever course is available, thinking that the most important thing is to have a degree. Instead of Mass Communication you ‘get’ English or Literature and you accept it thinking at the end of the day, you’ll probably end up working in some corporate organization that pays you enough to do the basic things; after all you do have a degree.

Sometimes when students struggle through the courses they have opted to settle for, they come out with less than desirable grades and are forced to live with that. Those without connections are lucky if they can find a decent job in a corporate organization that doesn’t involve answering telephones, making coffee, or handling a broom or a mop.

There is good news for graduates with a 3rd Class and Pass, OND or HND holders with big dreams or those with decent enough results in their ‘assigned’ courses who are looking to pursue their dream careers. There are courses that aid graduates in achieving their goals, regardless of the class of degree or course previously studied.

Pre masters courses are available for students who want to study a master’s degree but do not have the academic level required for direct entry. The programmes take between one and four terms to complete (one year = 3 terms), depending on the student’s academic level and English skills. On successful completion of a Pre Masters, students are usually guaranteed entry to a master’s degree course.

Study Group provides international students with a direct path to various postgraduate degrees at our partner universities in UK, Ireland and the Netherlands, despite their previous results or background; it gives them academic foundation, vital skills and confidence to succeed in their chosen master’s degree course. The Pre-Master’s degree is available at of our 12 partner universities and joining the programme guarantees a conditional offer of a place on a Master’s degree at the chosen university.

These universities include: Heriot Watt University, University of Huddersfield, Keele University, Kingston University London, Leeds Metropolitan University, University of Lincoln, Nyenrode Business University, University of Stirling, University of Surrey, University of Sussex, University College Dublin and Wales International Study Centre.

Study Group provides Pre Masters courses in a variety of courses including: Accounting, Arts & Design, Business, Media & Communications, Digital Media & Design, Entrepreneurship, Human Resources, Marketing, Advertising, PR, Law, International Relations, IT, Project Management and many others.

Interested students should visit or email for more information or visit the Study Group Regional Office at 2nd Floor, Plot 5, Chief Yesuf Abiodun Way, opposite City of David Church, Oniru. Victoria Island, Lagos.

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