Things You Should Never Say in an Interview?


Interviews can be a really tense experience for you as a candidate. Regardless of how many interviews you have done in the past, each new one presents an opportunity to land a job of interest. What are the things you should never say in an interview establish when you want to stand out as the best candidate for the position?

No matter how tense or unsettled you are before you go in for the actual interview, take a long breath, stay calm and look at it as a conversation. Here’s is a list of things you should avoid saying in an interview.

1. Responding With ‘Yeah’ During an Interviewinterview-jobberman-nigeria

Is this something you are guilty of? If this is something you do, you need to stop it and the reason is simple. Interviewers find this irritating. Sometimes, it is so bad that the look of irritation becomes visible on the face of the interviewer.

The word ‘yeah’ is a casual form of ‘yes’ and it is a word you would usually use when hanging out with friends or having a conversation with friends at a party.

No matter how qualified you are for the job or how much experience you have, using the word ‘yeah’ instead of ‘yes’ can ruin your chances of getting hired.

A rule never to forget is; all interviews are formal meeting and you should go in with a serious mindset. Never replace your “yes” with a “yeah” when fielding questions at an interview.

2. Avoid Saying ‘I Have it on My CV’interview-jobberman-nigeria

The HR manager definitely read your CV but if he/she is asking, it’s an opportunity for you to go into detail; beyond what you have written on your CV. Be simple, clear and concise while you communicate your answer because your ability to do so is what is actually being tested here.

3. Don’t Say ‘I Can Think Outside the Box”Things_Not_to_Say_at_An_Interview_-_Out_of_the_box_-_JBM

Anyone can say this. Any candidate can actually stake their claim on being able to think outside the box but in actual terms, what is thinking outside the box? Rather say this, find challenges and scenarios that show how you solved a task or took up a challenge by thinking outside the box.

A rule; avoid cliche terms and remember to communicate and share scenarios and examples rather than give vague cliche statements.

4. Avoid Answering an Interview Question With ‘I Don’t Know’Things_Not_to_Say_at_An_Interview_-_I_don_t_know

If you reply a question with this answer, you will have words like rude, clueless and lack of initiative written all over you. This sits right on top of the list of things you should never say in an interview.

5.  Never Say ‘Allow Me to Answer This Call’ at an Interview


You should never put yourself in a situation when your phone rings to distract you from the interview. This will directly threaten your chances of getting hired. You should also avoid allowing your phone ring to the point where you have to ask for permission to answer the call. If it’s not the interviewer before you calling you, it can wait till you walk out. The best thing you can do when going in for an interview is to switch off your phone.

6. In an Interview, Don’t Say ‘I am Going Back to School Soon’interview-jobberman-nigeria

This doesn’t mean hiring managers don’t want you to get upgrade your degree or improve your skill-set with a certification. You must remember that interviews are quite tasking and cost organisations money. Having to recruit for the same role over the next few months is not ideal or cost-effective.

When you finally get the opportunity to attend a job interview, do not speak negatively about your previous supervisor, colleagues or boss. Avoid telling the interviewer how you hate your last job. In every way, be civil, positive, do not lie and be formal. We would like to hear more things not to say in an interview – Be kind to share with us.

Jobberman Staff Writer
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