Customer Service: The main ingredient to Jobberman’s success

Customer service isn’t just the job of our customer service department and representatives; it’s the job of every employee in the company. And service starts at the highest levels of a company. The month of March brought about the COVID-19 pandemic, which created an unprecedented shift in the way we go about our daily lives. 

Amongst all of the craziness, we became stronger and explored new ways to thrive. We were pushed into a reality of uncertainty, so were our customers. 

We clearly defined one priority – to prove to be a reliable partner, before, during and after Covid-19

6 months later, we are still here, pushing harder and growing stronger than ever before. In an industry built on people and relationships, we have successfully humanized each conversation to understand and build connections with every customer. This isn’t the work of the Customer service team alone, it is a result of everyone’s effort in “The Dream Team”.

See below some personal words from the Captain of this winning ship, Hilda Kabushenga Kragha-

5th – 9th of October has been set aside every year to celebrate the heart of every business – the customer. But words aren’t enough to express our gratitude to you for sticking with us, year in and year out. We have taken the extra step to provide all our loyal customers with 20% discount off ALL our products and services. This offer ends in 3 days, so HURRY NOW and head over to to grab your discount today!

Customers are the heart of any successful business because we are in business for their business.

Happy Customer Service Week!

Bukola Okikiolu
I'm passionate about managing and growing brands in the digital space. I do this by creating engaging content that ultimately lead to conversion, and crafting copy that inspire action.
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