The Evolution of Online Tutoring Jobs in the Coming Years

Things will alter as time passes and more tech-based options become available. Online tutoring is an example of this. However, things have changed dramatically.

Evolution happens in most industries. As time marches on and more tech-based options become available, things ultimately change. Such is the case with online tutoring. At one time, teaching online was basically a novelty, only available for a select few classes. However, things have drastically changed in the past 2 years and the future of online tutoring hangs in the balance. 

What Changed Our Notion of Online Learning?

Essentially, online tutoring has always had the potential since the inception of the internet. The basis of learning is having a way to interact with teachers and students, so the internet made it a possibility. The first actual online course was provided by New York Institute of Technology to allow students that could not participate in live classes to maintain their ability to learn on the same course trajectory. 

Even though this was the first online study course, true online learning did not begin to take shape until the mid-1990s when internet connections became more advanced and moved away from simply slow dial-up speeds. Universities throughout the world began offering limited access to online courses depending on the field of study. 

Online tutoring was given its ultimate boost in 2020 when the pandemic swept the world and caused in-person learning to be a very limited option. Suddenly, online education was the only way to help grade school, high school, and college-level students continue their educational path. Online tutoring jobs became abundant as the need for more teachers to accommodate student needs abounded. Although restrictions have been loosened in many areas, online learning remains high and currently, 6 million students use these avenues to further their education. 

Is Online Learning More Adaptable Than In-Person Studies?

There may always be a place for in-person studies, but online learning has become a way of life in many areas. It has worked for a unique backup plan for schools across the board in case lockdowns happen again, or localized virus cases spike. Where some teachers were initially hesitant to begin their online teaching journey, many have come to embrace the ultimate flexibility online teaching provides.

The teacher can attend to her personal needs far better than simply going to a class day after day and students often find online learning a more freeing experience as they can remain comfortable in their own home. Although we may never see a true end to in-person learning, online tutoring has seen a remarkable increase in the past few years and shows no signs of slowing down. 

Will We Ever See Online Tutoring Go Away?

Unlikely. Actually, there is a growing need for online tutors as the demand for learning is continually on the rise. Students from virtually every grade level can benefit from the flexibility online learning provides and tutors are experiencing ongoing growth in every genre of the teaching field. Sites such as Preply are providing an avenue for online tutors to find leading online tutor jobs in their particular field of study. 

The limitless potential of online learning has empowered more teachers to pursue a career in online teaching. Many tutors have traditionally seen the in person classroom as a box with set hours and intense scheduling restrictions. However, with the ability to find a quality Wi-Fi connection virtually everywhere and many teachers wanting to travel, online tutoring simply makes sense. Online teachers have the ability to teach as many or as few students as they desire while maintaining a schedule that allows them to enjoy life to the fullest. 

Statistics for Future Online Studies

Many people are under the misconception that online learning is simply a fad, but that is not the case. Not only has the online tutoring industry grown to a $240 billion dollar industry in 2022, up from $165 billion in 2014, it has also impacted high-end corporations as well. It is currently estimated that 90% of all large-scale corporations encourage and invest in online education for employees, so we are not merely talking about teaching grades and high school kids.

Online students need qualified educators in all fields to help grow and develop their skills. Online tutors are able to set their own hours and become a true part of their student’s lives through virtual avenues. If you are among the many looking to have a positive impact on the world, the future of teaching online is remarkably bright. 

The growth of the online tutoring industry is not merely a fad, but a way of life for many students and teachers across the globe. All it takes to become an online teacher is the proper certification and a desire to mould young minds. Get started on your online tutoring journey today and begin to see a bright future ahead for yourself and your valued students. 

Daniel Oluwatosin
Notification Bell