Standard Job Ad Live Demo Recap: Features and Benefits of the Product

It’s no news that several companies encounter diverse challenges in building their workforce, one of the most significant being finding quality candidates. Several factors have been attributed to this situation, from a lack of access to a solid database of active job seekers to the inability to determine the best recruitment methods to adopt.

At Jobberman Nigeria, we understand the significance of a quality workforce to the success of a business. Over the years, we’ve churned out premium recruitment products with which many business owners have built solid teams around their ventures. Some of these solutions include Executive Recruitment, Pro Recruit, Best Match, etc.

As leaders in the recruitment industry, we are constantly working to connect employers with the best talents. To this end, our product experts came together to develop another recruitment solution that is not only self-sufficient but highly convenient and affordable. They tagged it “The Standard Job Ad.”

At the recently held Standard Job Ad Live Demo Session, the duo of Isaac Oni (Product Lead, Jobberman, West Africa) and Chisom Ofili (Head of Recruitment, Jobberman Nigeria) provided lots of information and answered several questions concerning the product.

If you were unable to join the live session, this article provides a detailed recap of the event.

The Standard Job and its Unique Selling Point

The Standard Job Ad is Jobberman’s latest effort at ensuring that employers stay one step ahead in the game. Coming on the heels of our improved Best Match, this innovative recruitment solution aims to address employers’ pain points based on feedback from customers. We designed it in a way that makes it easier for you to fill your openings with highly relevant candidates.

This product gives you access to a pool of over two million candidates and takes away the stress involved in shortlisting potential hires from a large group of applicants. It also includes a rating system that rates applicants based on how well their profiles match the role you want to fill. Instead of beginning from level zero, the Standard Job Ad allows you to start from level three, thereby saving you lots of stress and time.

What are the best features and benefits of the Standard Job Ad?

 The Standard Job Ad is an innovative recruitment solution with several exciting features, some of which we will examine in the following paragraphs.

1.   Complimentary Assessments

When shortlisting candidates for a role, employers ask numerous questions, and one of them is, “are the candidates good enough?” With the Standard Job Ad, you wouldn’t need to ask such a question anymore, as the product highlights an assessment for applicants.

This feature allows you to test everyone that applied for the required skills. It ensures that you end up only with candidates that possess the knowledge and core competencies needed for your role.

2.   Effective Rating System

The Standard Job Ad features a machine algorithm used to rate candidates when they send in applications for a job listing, after which it suggests the relevant ones to employers. For instance, if you want to fill the role of Finance Analyst and you’ve received 100 applications, the first thing this product does is to check through the profile of the applicants and carry out a profile match. Then, it indicates those that match your job description in the ATS.

An assessment then follows. You will see the result to see how the applicants fared in relation to the specified job description. This process makes it easy for you to start your shortlisting process.

3.   Bulk CV downloads/Email Sends

The Standard Job Ad allows you to download CVs and send emails to candidates in bulk. This feature reduces the stress of carrying out these tasks on an individual basis drastically.

4.   Affordability and Ease of Use

If you’ve been looking for a recruitment solution that offers more for less, the Standard Job Ad is the perfect product for you. It’s budget-friendly and allows you to self-manage the hiring process. Also, it’s highly comfortable and easy to use.

What is the relationship between the Standard Job Ad and the ATS?

The Standard Job Ad is linked to the applicant tracking system and feeds on the over two million profiles embedded in it. Once a job seeker registers on the Jobberman platform, their details get dropped into the ATS, from which the product receives information.

What is the technology behind the Standard Job Ad?

As mentioned earlier, the Standard Job Ad works in tandem with the ATS, a relationship that gives it access to more than two million job seeker profiles. Imagine putting up a job listing for Marketing Manager, and you receive over 500 applications. Picking the best talent from such a large pool can be highly hectic and time-consuming.

To solve this challenge, we built a system that can look through all the resumes and suggest the most suitable profiles after matching them with the specific job description for the role. The Standard Job Ad feeds off this system, ensuring that you end up with the best talents.

How do I sign up for the Standard Job Ad?

As an employer, hiring the best talents is essential to the growth of your business. Signing up for the Standard Job Ad product will go a long way in helping you achieve this. All you have to do is follow the steps below.

  1.     Visit and create a complete profile.
  2.     Click “Post a Job.”
  3.     Select ”Standard Job” and fill in every detail about the job in the spaces provided.
  4.     Once you’ve supplied every relevant information, click on “Save and Proceed to Cart,” which will take you to a page where you will make payment.
  5.     Click “Checkout,” after which a thirty-minute to one-hour verification process commences.
  6. After the verification process, your job will go live.

How much is the Standard Job Ad?

It goes for #43,000 only.


Give your business a competitive edge by hiring the ideal staff with the new Jobberman Standard Job Ad. It’s comfortable, affordable, and highly effective! For more details, visit

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