Urgent Hiring: 5 Tips to Find the Right Employee

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Hiring the right employee immediately after an unplanned and unforeseen exit of a vital member of your team can prove tricky. However, the truth is that regardless of how full-proof your employee sourcing strategies are, it is important that your employee recruitment solutions ensure you can manage the stress of such unforeseen exits and replacements.

Job mobility is on the rise as shown by the 2018 Best 100 reports from Jobberman where only 41% of 30-40-year-old’s are willing to stay on the job. When there’s a need to hire the right employees urgently, these 5 tips would ensure to get you the best and the brightest talents.

Company Cultureright employee

This refers to shared beliefs, values, ideologies and traditions of your organization. When hiring the right employee urgently, you need to ensure they fit into your work culture. In some cases, you will need to upgrade your culture if it has shown to be rigid. As an employer, it is crucial to develop a more positive employee-centred culture, which is designed to improve employee engagement and productivity in the workplace.

Offering updated flexibility in your work hours, remote work, group recreational activities and health benefit perks have helped organisations like Andela to become household names in the tech pace.

Candidates Branding

Your focus should be hiring employees who are invested in their personal and well as a professional brand. These sorts of individuals are invested in their careers rather hopping from one career or field to another.

Jobberman’s Best Match™ algorithms and profile insights prepare professionals on our platform to understand their careers and offers insights about their personal and career strengths. This is expected to dissuade them from hopping across a series of jobs in the course of trying to discover themselves.

Testing Candidate Skillsright employee

When you’re hunting for qualified candidates, not having the luxury of time can be a challenge. However, with the help of technology and other AI-assisted software, you can decide which candidate has the best success rate based on their work skills and experience. Choosing your best candidate via their CV and an interview might not be enough. You may want to use candidate employability testing programs.  

Our employability skills testing enables you to test your candidate’s job readiness remotely while using data and other metrics to make a decision on their readiness to work.Candidate

Experience & Compensation

Having the right candidate experience from the point when you advertise your job vacancy to the stage where candidates get shortlisted and get invited to job interviews is vital to your organisation’s branding. Your prospective employees need to have a good experience regardless of whether you eventually hire them or not. Most experienced professionals would be more inclined to join your organisation if they enjoyed the candidate experience they had during the course of your recruitment process. If you combine a good employee experience with competitive compensation packages, you will stand a better chance of hiring some of the best talents available.

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