Remote Working: Tips to Manage Productivity

Remote work productivity

Remote working is no longer the future of work or the trend and due to the current global COVID19 pandemic, many organisations are left with no choice but to fully switch to fully distributed teams with little or no time to invest in training and preparing employees for being productive and minimising distractions.

Working remotely is simply working outside the traditional office environment. It can be from the comfort of your home, a workspace, a coffee shop etc

At Jobberman it’s been three weeks since we enforced 100% remote work and we have received amazing feedback both from the management and employees on their remote working experience. Hence we asked our amiable Head, Human Resources, Foluso Agbaje,  and Francesca Alabede Head, Operations and Experience at Jobberman to host an IG Live to share their insights and experiences on remote working tips that have enabled them to stay productive, manage their teams better and minimise distractions. Take a look at the excerpts below.

Remote Working Tips to Stay Productive

Choose Your Location: Recreate your workstation to enable you to get your mind in a work-mood. Find a dedicated workspace because your bed or couch might not be the best place for your productivity. If you have kids, you may have to create a workspace with minimal distractions from your kids. 

Get Dressed: A lot about working remotely is putting yourself in a work mindset while being away from your work. Change your pyjamas, get in the shower and start your day.

Exercise and Eat Healthy: Working remotely, especially when it is from home can lead to less activity and not having your eating habits in check. A healthy mind and body would help your productivity, find exercise routines that work for you, keep active, and eat healthily.

Upgrade and Invest in Yourself: The time you previously spend commuting can now be used very meaningfully to read, learn a new skill on Youtube or even take a course to upskill yourself.

Be Disciplined with Time: Keep a firm routine to stay productive and as well avoid working excessively for long periods of time outside your agreed work schedule to avoid frequent job burnout.

Take on More Responsibility: Now might just be a good time, especially if you are working remotely due to the current pandemic to take on more responsibility by asking for how you can be of assistance to other teams if an opportunity exists or arises.

Prioritise Your Mental Health: Working from home can sabotage your mental health because the truth is that it does get lonely sometimes. Connect with your colleagues with the aid of technology via tools like Slack, Whatsapp and Google Meet.

Checks and Balances: This helps you report and communicate effectively your tasks and achievements. Communication is a very vital skill when working remotely to ensure you are not overwhelmed. Checks and balances also ensure less burnout when working remotely.

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