How to Regain Your Productivity Level

regain your productivity

Looking to regain your productivity level after a long holiday like Christmas, new year or your annual leave can be a tiring experience. You sometimes feel you have lost the capacity to do the job you were once a star of a few weeks before going on holiday.

This is mostly psychological for most professionals; the struggle is worse because no one on your team knows or understands what you are going through. Sadly, most times, we refuse to speak out about because you might be stigmatised or labelled as being lazy. You could even be accused of dwelling in the ‘holiday mood.’ Worry not, help is here now. The following tips are designed to help you power through this phase and help you regain your productivity level.

  1. Declutter

The break-point for this experience is to declutter and refresh your mental state as well as the environment at work to help set the tone for returning to your productivity level. Rearrange your work desk; even decluttering your email and PC can work magic. Replace that old image with something bright, fun and magical.

Our productivity level works on attitude and mood. Make sure yours is in-check and does not negate your ability to level up and regain your productivity.

  1. Prioritise

Once your energy level is not at optimal, it is important to prioritise tasks according to their order of importance and urgency. If it is not important and can be put off till later to attend to another important yet urgent task, kindly rearrange your priorities accordingly.

Prioritising tasks would also help pick your interest level and optimism to get you going. For every task prioritised and completed, give yourself the proverbial pat on the back for a job well one because you are on the right path to regaining your productivity level.

  1. Set Tasks/Goals

The hard truth about being a professional in any industry is that sometimes, regardless of how you feel, the work must be done and things need to go on. Goal setting is a definitive way to hold yourself accountable to the task required of you by the employer.

This doesn’t have to be anything so detailed; outlining your to-dos with sticky notes or digital remainders would go a long way in helping you stay on track. Apps like Google Tasks and Trello are also efficient at helping you achieve this.regain your productivity

  1. Rediscover Your Inspiration

We all have reasons for settling for the career we currently have. You also have personal experiences and moments that help you sustain the momentum you need to do what you do. In a bid to regain your productivity, this period is a great time to rediscover your inspiration and if you don’t have one yet, this is a great time to define yours.

  1. Excercise to Regain Your Productivity

Physical activity is a great way to unlock your productivity. The benefits of exercising are crucial for both your mental and physical health. It’s time to hit the gym, go for that run, walk or swim to unleash your hormones that give your productivity a boost.

regain your productivity

Final Thoughts on Ways to Regain Your Productivity

As humans, we are what we believe and as I had mentioned earlier, productivity is largely psychological and you must begin from your mind and work your way through all the tips we have shared here. Whether you are just returning to work or just struggling with regaining your productivity, be intentional and eventually, you will back on that rockstar-productivity level you desire. Keep being amazing and productive.

Jobberman Staff Writer
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