Our new prices and what it means to you

At the start of the pandemic last year, we supported thousands of businesses with our #UnityinAdversity Campaign by offering free listings and discounts on some of our premium products. This campaign did not only help thousands of businesses across the country but also gave us deeper insights into the wants and needs of our employers.

The campaign recently came to an end and we reverted to our paid listings – offering employers better services at a “pocket-friendly” cost. However, due to general high inflation rates in the economy and after careful deliberation, we are forced to increase our prices. Nigeria’s inflation rate continues to change rapidly. Over the past couple of months, the year-on-year inflation rate has increased from 11.02% in August 2019 to 18.17% in March 2021. Notably, the March 2021 inflation rate of 18.17% is at the highest since February 2017. We have managed to absorb cost increases so far but in order for us to maintain a high standard of quality, we have to take this step.

Why exactly do we need to increase our prices?

High inflation rate – As mentioned above, the high inflation rate in the economy has forced us to increase our prices to be able to accommodate business costs, as well as maintain and even improve the high standard of service that our customers are used to.

Better products, better services – The last time we had such an increase was in 2019. Since then, we have developed more innovative products and drastically improved the way we serve our customers. In the last couple of years, we carefully studied the way our customers operate, analyzed their pain points and created effective solutions to help solve problems and improve business performance. With the recent introduction of ground-breaking HR solutions such as our Skills assessments and even upcoming improvements to products like our Best Match tool, it is clear that we are bent on helping businesses grow and succeed in the fiercely competitive marketplace.

We’ve invested countless hours into developing new features and improving on existing ones. Now, these improvements will be reflected in our prices for our customers.

Our new pricing

*See the full list of prices below;

Job ListingBest Match 2.0Pro- RecruitJob BoostSkill Assessment
Add-on Products
Price Point
OLD PRICE 11,500 52,000 90,000 18,000 54,000
NEW PRICE (with VAT) 15,000 75,000129,00019,00032,000
Prices are VAT (7.5%)  Inclusive

These price adjustments would take effect from the 1st of June, 2021

In the hunt for talents in the competitive marketplace, Jobberman interacts with over 2,650,000 users on its online platform and places over 7500 talent in various roles on a monthly basis. With a seeker audience of over 606,000 candidates – we’re still your sure ticket to acquiring the right talent you need in a large pool of job seekers. We remain committed to providing you with a service that is reliable, efficient, affordable, easy to use and will continuously do whatever it takes to connect your growing business with talents that will accelerate your growth in the marketplace.

Need more information or do you have questions for us? Simply reach out to us via info@jobberman.com or call +234 (0) 813 985 9999. You can also click this link to view more information or click here to download your copy of the new rate card.

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