4 Ways Online Learning Improves Career Growth

online learning

Online learning is here to stay and could be a major booster for your career growth. According to a report, 72% of global organizations report that e-learning gives them (or could potentially give them) a competitive advantage in their industry. If you are looking to grow your career, here are some ways online learning with UNICAF can give you an advantage.

  1. Allows You Keep Your Job: Online learning allows you to to keep your job while improving yourself and working towards a degree, ensuring you don’t lose any future prospects that might come up. Also, your finances don’t have to suffer because costs like transportation as well as resigning from a job to get a degree would not be necessary.
  2. Secure Promotion Opportunities: Sometimes it is easier to secure your promotion, get improved salaries and gain other perks after completing your online learning while on a job and than returning from school after having left a job. The stress of sending job applications, attending interviews and the general anxiety before finding a job can be overcome by online learning.
  3. Improvement Is Immediate: With online learning, implementing the skills from world-class lecturers at partner universities of UNICAF would give you a learn and improve-on-the job scenario. This means that the new skills gained would enable you to attain better results on the job.
  4. Improve Job Performance & Reviews: The world-class skills being learnt are immediately translated into your day-to-day activities at work. This would translate into your managers noticing your improved productivity, skills and also reflect on your job performance reviews thereby giving you better leadership and other career progression prospects.

Final Thoughts on Online Learning

Online learning is no longer the future but now and the global COVID19 pandemic and social distancing concept have further proven this. An organisation like UNICAFis leading online learning across Nigeria and Africa, offering fully online programs from universities in Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States.

UNICAF is currently offering a considerable discount through its UUNICAF Scholarship Programme. Check out their full list of online degrees here www.unicaf.org/ to benefit from it. Happy learning with UNICAF.


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