New Year Job Search: Tips That Get You Employed

new year job search

As the holiday season fades away, we hope all that fun and time to reflect has given you a fresh perspective for your new year job search? One of the reasons why the new year is a great time for the search for a job is that there is an abundance of opportunities. In addition, it offers you a fresh perspective as a job seeker as well as a general sense of a fresh start.

Whether you have a job and you are looking out for fresh opportunities or searching for your first job, look no further. These new year job search tips put you in pole position to find the right job.

Review Your Job Search

Before you begin sending your CV when searching for a job, you need to take a long and hard look at the types of jobs you have been applying for. If you haven’t started applying for the job, you should be careful about the type of jobs you intend to apply for. Before you apply for jobs, consider the following:

  • Does my experience qualify for the jobs I am applying for?
  • Do I have relevant skills and qualifications?
  • Am I passionate about the job?
  • What could I be doing differently?

This might sound pretty simple but some of these questions can make a whole lot of difference between being shortlisted for an interview or your CV getting thrown into the trash can.

Define Your Plan

With clarity on the kind of jobs you have to apply, a well-written CV, a cover letter and a job application profile, you should clearly define a plan on where you intend to search for available jobs. This helps you answer questions like how many jobs you intend to apply for and professionals you plan to reach out to for networking and mentorship. You can also consult a career advisor to map out a SMART plan with you.

Review Your Profile

Applying for a job with the wrong CV and cover letter or a job profile that does not sell you to the employer is a wasted opportunity to get hired. Before you begin your new year job search, get a CV review from experts and have your job search profile written by professionals. If you have a number of years of work experience, consider getting a CV rewrite from a recruitment professional who can guide you to your next job.

Execute Aggressively

Being steadfast in applying for jobs and continually seeking out new opportunities on Jobberman, Google jobs, company websites, professional networking platforms, job boards, newspapers and word of mouth is crucial. You can set your email job alerts to notify you when job openings that fall under your area of expertise get posted online. You can subscribe to Jobbeman newsletters and Whatsapp channels to increase your chances of finding current opportunities you can explore. This is the reason why experts consider the task of searching for a job a job in itself. To do it successfully, you get your process right and strive to execute your defined plan aggressively.

Prepare For Interviews

Research and prepare yourself for as many interview questions as you possibly can. Practise and prepare yourself even before you are invited for one. This will increase your level of confidence during a real interview scenario. Conduct mock interviews with family, friends or by yourself before a mirror. It is important to know your stuff!

Find a Mentor and Build Relationships

Mentors and professional relationships give the right boost to your new year job search. Find a mentor and other professionals in your industry of interest. You may be well on your way to finding your new year job with tips and possible recommendations from these professionals.

Conclusion on New Year Job Search

Finally, being motivated is fine but in moments when you are at your breaking point, remember that dawn comes when the night is at its darkest. We wish you great success with your new year job search and a very happy new year.

Jobberman Staff Writer
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