#MyJobbermanStory How Imeh Nsikak Conquered Job Scarcity

Getting a job is pretty high on every young adult’s checklist. At one point or the other in their career journey, every young person faces this challenge.

Getting a job is pretty high on every young adult’s checklist. Whether it is finding that first job, or getting the offer that provides the next step on the career ladder, every young person at one point faces this challenge. Ordinarily, this shouldn’t be an issue, to begin with. However, unemployment and the seeming scarcity of jobs continue to be a global crisis. This interview seeks to address this challenge and, by way of testimony, proffer solid solutions to this problem. We sat down with Imeh Nsikak, an Electromechanical Engineer by training who got his current job at Adeco Project Engineering BV West Africa LTD through Jobberman. Here’s how he did it.

Is the current job you got through Jobberman your first job?

It’s not my first job, but it’s the first I have gotten via Jobberman.

Can you give a brief history of your work journey before this role you got through Jobberman?

I got my first job working with Promasidor Nigeria Limited as an Electromechanical Technician in 2015. I held this role for 7 years. From Promasidor, I moved to TGI, working as the Engineer support on shift. While at TGI, I remained on the lookout as I still was yet to find my dream job.

Did you get your new job while you were working another role or were you out of a job?

I was through with my previous employer before getting this role with Jobberman. My career has always been a learning curve.

Can you remember when you first signed up on Jobberman?

I can’t remember when I signed up on Jobberman specifically, but it should be as far back as 2016. I have known Jobberman for a long time.I had been actively applying for jobs on Jobberman, and I was shortlisted for some roles, but I never got past the interview stage until recently.

Have you taken the Jobberman soft skills training?

No, I haven’t taken the Jobberman soft skills training. I am, however, definitely taking it as I count myself fortunate to have gotten this job without the training. It was a touchpoint during my interview. Even after getting this job with Adeco, I have seen the importance of possessing soft skills training so I have decided to take it.

How did you get to hear about the job offer?

I saw the job offer through Linkedin. I already had a profile with Jobberman so I applied. I was earnestly hoping to get called for the job because I had known about Adeco for a while.  2 weeks later, I got a call, took an assessment test, and then got another call two weeks after that, alerting me that I was going to be transferred to take an interview with the company, which was successful.

I was asked to take on another role they felt I was more suited to, which, coincidentally, was the role I wanted from the start, but I didn’t just have the required qualifications. I was elated to be offered the role I wanted from the start.

Would you recommend Jobberman?

Absolutely yes! I have seen a lot of opportunities from Jobberman and I am always excited to market Jobberman to my friends and networks.

Is your Jobseeker profile on Jobberman complete?

My jobseeker profile on Jobberman is 100% complete. I fully understand that having a 100% complete jobseeker profile helps position me at the top of the pile for prospective employers to engage. I believe this is why I got the job at Adeco Project Engineering BV West Africa LTD. I encourage every job seeker to follow suit and take the soft skills training to get an edge over fellow job seekers.

Major Takeouts

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