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Moving Up The Ladder In Your Career

Like many purpose driven people, you do not want to remain where you are for the rest of your life. In fact, some of us cannot stay in the same place for a long time. We constantly desire growth and welcome it with open arms. This need also reflects in our career lives as we work towards getting greater responsibilities, higher status and of course, better remuneration. Thus, when the opportunity comes to get promoted, we are ready to showcase our achievements and proudly shout ‘I am the best man for the job’.

Of course, moving up the ladder will not be easy (it is easier to come down though). It requires perseverance, strength and focus. Also you should be ready for competition from your colleagues who are also eyeing the coveted position. This means you have to prepare adequately to out-perform your competitors and impress your employers. Here are 6 things you can do to accomplish that:

  • Perform your job well.
    Before you can take up greater responsibilities, you have to first excel in your current ones. If you are barely able to manage the accounts of a small organisation, how will you cope with that of a conglomerate?
  • Have a mentor who is in a senior position. Most promotions are based on recommendations from policy influencers. You should develop a mentoring relationship with someone in a managerial position who can put in a good word for you occasionally. If you do, you will have a better chance of being promoted than those who do not have mentors. Mentors are also good sources of information and career guide.
  • Volunteer: If there is a job that is yet to be assigned to any one (no matter how small), you can volunteer your service. Go the extra mile, take up extra responsibilities and get noticed as a responsible and hardworking employee. When the bigger functions come, your employers will not think twice.
  • Develop good working relationships: Many people do not get promoted because they lack people-skills. If you cannot manage a good relationship with your colleagues, you will not be capable of leading them. If promotion is to be done by voting, how many of your colleagues will vote for you?
  • Contribute to discussions: During team work, be proactive and constructive in your opinions to make things better for the Organisation.
  • Expand your knowledge and skills:  To remain marketable in today’s technological world, you have to continually learn and train yourself on new skills that are required by the industry you work in. For those who want to go the extra mile, you can also familiarise yourself with news and events outside your specialty.
Nathan Jeffery
Notification Bell