Landing your first tech job with the right soft skills

The world is raving with people wanting to switch careers to Tech, and everyday Tech skills are becoming more in demand. As much as you are quick to learn the tech skills and switch careers, it’s worthy of note that you would not get the job with just tech skills, soft skills are also important to help you land your first tech job.

According to Guardian “Nigeria’s tech sector generates more than 10 percent of the country’s economic output and the sector is projected to create three million jobs and generate £67.4 billion for the economy by 2021”. We are in 2022 and the industry will keep growing which is why you need to prepare to break into the industry. Also Benjamin Dada quoting  Jobberman says that Nigeria’s digital sector will create 3 million jobs by 2027. Which means that Tech jobs will always remain in demand.

What soft skills should you then decide to pay attention to so as to land yourself a tech job?

  1. Communication skills: Just like with every other job, in tech, you also need communication skills. You need to be able to communicate effectively with your team members so as to be able to resolve whatever technical issues or challenges might be required of you to solve on the job. Communication skills include written, oral, listening and presentation skills and you have to be good at each of them.
  1. Organizational skills: Tech jobs require you to be able to move from one task to another without missing out on details of each. And the only way you can keep a tab of tasks and to-dos is by staying organized. Being able to prioritize, plan, and effectively manage one’s time and resources is one of the skills of an organized person.
  1. Creativity: The Tech industry is constantly evolving and it takes a creative mind to be able to keep up with ideas and innovations. It’s not enough to know how to use technology to make your work easier but you should be able to use technology creatively to produce better results on the job.
  1. Curiosity: Learning is an unending phase in your tech career. And it takes only a curious mind to be willing to learn and grow on the job. A curious mind is always willing to try out new things. As you become ready to land your first tech job, be sure to question your curiosity and how much you are willing to evolve and learn on the job.
  1. Adaptability: Technology changes every now and then. Tasks and tools evolve too.  Your ability to learn new skills and technologies, accommodate regular task changes and adjustments, and respond well to challenges is very important in your tech career.
  1. Analytical thinking:  As a person with a tech job, you must be able to identify problems, extract key information and proffer logical and orderly solutions to the problem. You must be able to look at complex problems from multiple angles and formulate the most effective and efficient solutions through observation, logic, and research. Is this something you can do or need to develop more?
  1. Team player: In landing your first tech job, you must be able to demonstrate your team playing skills especially because most tech jobs have become remote. You must be able to work and collaborate with other members of your team without any difficulty. Teamwork allows you to gain from skills, resources of other members of your team. Also, it leads to enhanced personal growth, new innovations and less burnout.
  1. Problem-solving: Problem solving skills is an all-encompassing skill as it requires all other different skills coming together. It includes listening skills, analytical and creative thinking skills, decision making skills, teamwork and so on. Most tech jobs are problem-solving oriented so it is important that you have the ability to dissect problems, make them simpler and proffer solutions to those problems that may arise on the job.
  1. Networking: The tech industry keeps growing everyday and it is key that you know how to network. This will help you to not only land your first job but also grow your career in Tech. Networking is essential since it will help you develop and improve your skill set, stay on top of the latest trends in your industry, keep a pulse on the job market, meet prospective mentors, partners, and clients, and gain access to the necessary resources that will foster your career development.
  1. Time Management: With so many tasks and technology to keep up with, time management is of essence in your tech career. Time management helps improve the quality of your work and your performance, self-discipline and reduces stress. It also allows you to think more clearly and create time for other endeavors.

We hope you have these skills and are ready to land your first Tech job. If you don’t, you can learn all these soft skills in our soft skills training for free and with as low as 200MB on WhatsApp here

We wish you the best in your new career.

Daniel Oluwatosin
A Creative who is constantly learning new ways to build and grow brands with creative, engaging and converting contents.
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