Jobberman Soft Skills Training Participants on its Impact

Jobberman aims to reduce youth unemployment and reiterates the importance of state-specific measures to increase youth employability via Soft Skills training

Beneficiaries of the Jobberman Nigeria soft skills training have been sharing testimonials about their experience and its impact on their career so far.

Young career aspirants, whose professional development has taken a new turn after the training, have gone on to secure jobs in leading Nigerian and international organisations, paid consulting or project-based engagements, and some even started their own businesses.

Jobberman reached out to newly trained youths and asked them about their life trajectory after the training. 

Moses Shalldang, now an Independent Monitoring and Evaluation officer at an international NGO, got his job after he completed the soft skills training in Adamawa state. “I was unemployed at the time I took part in the training. The training included a module on CV writing, and I was able to redesign mine. I got my current job within months and now also have project-based consulting gigs which I secured with the CV.”

In Imo State, Ijeoma Obike secured an Administrative Officer role with a leading financial organisation after she completed the training.

Ijeoma Obike

My employers are usually interested in learning more about what skills I gained via the training because it has impacted my work performance and interactions with colleagues and customers. I believe that all youths should participate in this training because the emotional intelligence module, for example, can be easily applied in interpersonal relationships as well.”

Precious Okorie, a resident of Ondo state who was previously unemployed, started her own business after the training. She highlighted the importance of soft skills for graduates: “I wish I had the knowledge I acquired during the training when I just finished NYSC and was starting out my life. I believe it would have made my life much easier.” Okorie particularly highlighted teamwork, synergy and time management as the most valuable skills acquired during the upskilling process.

Launched in 2020 with a vision to upskill over a million Nigerian youths and match them with dignified job opportunities by 2025, the soft skills training programme has already benefited more than 600,000 youths in 7 states. Within two years after its initial launch in Lagos, Kano and Kaduna, training has recently become available in Adamawa, Edo, Imo and Ondo. 

Through the Soft Skills training, Jobberman aims to reduce youth unemployment based on regional peculiarities, and reiterates the importance of state-specific measures to increase youth employability via training on creativity, time management and negotiation, amongst others. 

The Soft Skills training is accessible on easy-to-use and free platforms, including Zoom and Thinkific. The training can be completed as fast as within 2 hours, and it is essential for youths who have limited access to electricity and the Internet. 

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About Jobberman 

Founded in 2009, Jobberman is an online platform that provides training and placement for job seekers, as well as the best selection of candidates for companies hiring. It is the single largest job placement website in sub-Saharan Africa. It has a broader purpose of building employee capacity and supporting corporate employers to acquire competitive talents based on first-hand labour market data.

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