Jobberman Nigeria is now part of the African Talent Company

At The African Talent Company, we’re unlocking the next level of talent management across Africa, by bridging the talent gap from both sides of the labor market


When ROAM Africa was established, we made a commitment to empowering individuals to make the best decisions at crucial stages in their life, starting with the major pillar around which they can achieve a strong sense of stability – securing a job and ultimately a means of livelihood.

Over the years, Jobberman Nigeria and its sister brands, Jobberman Ghana, BrighterMonday Kenya, and BrighterMonday Uganda have stayed true to this commitment and have developed a sense of pride in our impact on the recruitment industry in Africa.

The world of work has evolved rapidly in the past two years. The COVID 19 pandemic fast-tracked digitisation which in turn made room for remote work, gig work BPO, and other job types to become mainstream. In Africa specifically, it also highlighted the great skills divide and the need to invest in training if young Africans are to effectively participate in this new, globally competitive workforce.

As pioneers and leaders in some of Africa’s labour markets, we recognise that we too have to evolve, if we are to effectively achieve our mission of bridging the skills gap in Africa and connecting African talent to amazing opportunities. So we have taken the bold step to expand our reach and impact as a brand by moving into this new era as THE AFRICAN TALENT COMPANY.

The African Talent Company will expand the mission of our powerful marketplaces – the Jobberman platforms in West Africa and the BrighterMonday platforms in East Africa. Our new mandate will see us move beyond the traditional marketplace and begin to holistically tackle the challenges we see in our labour markets.

We believe that the future is digital, and we see that work has to be done to bring trust to online recruitment. In order to do this, we will develop a hybrid approach to recruitment that meets employers where they are in order to match them with the best talent. We also see the great opportunity in outsourcing – Africa is the next global labour frontier and we want to be at the forefront of driving remote work and gig work on the continent, especially through Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). 

On the seeker side, The African Talent Company will go beyond offering jobs and dig deeper into talent development through learning and upskilling, to ensure that young Africans are better equipped to participate in Labor markets with strong, relevant skills. We are committed to investing in the e-learning space and partnering with other entities and organizations of like-mind who are tackling this challenge at scale.

It is our belief that the talent gap in Africa can only be bridged if both sides of the labour market are addressed and even though this is a daunting task, we believe that we are up for it.

Our vision is bold: We will be Africa’s solution to bridging the talent gap.

Our mission is important: We develop and connect great African talent to work opportunities.

We are moving into a new era as The AFRICAN TALENT COMPANY

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Together, we are unlocking the next level of talent management across Africa.

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Bukola Okikiolu
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