Jobberman Expands Soft Skills Training to WhatsApp, Telegram

Jobberman has expanded its non-cognitive soft-skills training to include low-tech messaging platforms such as WhatsApp and Telegram, and to impressive results.

Jobberman recorded a 41% completion rate on WhatsApp and Telegram in its soft skills training. 

Lagos, Nigeria. July 25, 2022. Jobberman, the single most extensive online training and job placement website in sub-Saharan Africa, has expanded its non-cognitive soft-skills training to include low-tech messaging platforms such as WhatsApp and Telegram, and to impressive results. Over a five-month period, the programme recorded a 41 percent completion rate – almost triple the average completion rate for certificated online courses.

The self-paced training, which includes modules such as emotional intelligence and teamwork, personal effectiveness, time management, and other employability skills, had over 65,000 participants in the first phase, which took place between January and May 2022. Social messaging platforms contributed to nearly 80% of the participants, with the remaining 20% coming from other Edtech platforms.

Commenting on the announcement, Oreoluwa Boboye, CEO of Jobberman Nigeria, said, “We are optimistic about the scalability of low-tech solutions for e-learning, which will see significantly increased adoption and completion rates of our soft skills courses. Our training has proven to be the difference in securing employment for jobseekers, so for Jobberman, it was a high priority to find creative and uncomplicated ways to reach a mass online demographic that is often disenfranchised by the options available to them. With this inclusive move, we hope to make even greater strides to close the skills gap in Nigeria.”

Nigeria’s unemployment rate has climbed to approximately 33 percent since the COVID-19 pandemic, making it the second-highest in the world. Jobberman is utilising the accessibility of low-tech social platforms to counter barriers such as the relatively high cost of technology and internet connection to reduce the soft skills gap in the labour market to meet the needs of employers. These tech-enabled approaches to non-cognitive upskilling have become more prevalent, as evidenced by the 41 percent completion rate witnessed in the first phase. Social media platforms remain a popular medium for e-learning in Africa, with the majority focused on capacity building, providing young Africans with a low-cost opportunity for skill acquisition.

In response to concerns from African CEOs about the availability of essential skills in their workforce, Jobberman is equipping young people (18–35) with critical tools to help them transition into their new roles and increase workplace productivity.

The global e-learning market is expected to reach a market value of $336.98 billion by 2026, growing at a rate of 9.1% from 2018 to 2026, however, Jobberman continues to offer soft-skills training and certification for free. Participants must first register for the program at

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