Introducing the LINK OUT SOLUTION for your hiring process

A company is only as good as its people, which is why as a recruiter, you take time building the most efficient and effective hiring process so that you can get the perfect candidate. But sometimes you might just feel a little stuck: why isn’t your job ad reaching enough people? Are you doing something wrong?

You might have also considered making use of job boards like ours, but the thought of shifting away from the actual process you’ve worked so hard to build can be dreadful. What if you could stay in your comfort zone?

Introducing the LINK OUT Solution, a new product that allows you to stay in your comfort zone and own your recruitment process. With this new solution, you get candidates from our platform to yours, allowing you to retain your existing recruitment process.

Link out solution

Key Features: 

✔ Reach more candidates – The Linkout Solution grants hiring managers access to a large pool of talent on the Jobberman platform; over 2.5million jobseekers.

✔Recruit on your platform – Retain your existing recruitment platform; Candidates can apply on different websites (good for tenders), via online forms, in person, or via postal address.

✔ Stay in your comfort zone – You do not have to abandon your preferred Recruitment Processes; reach more candidates right from your comfort zone.

You can now experience a seamless hiring process by reducing learning time and implementing strategies that work best for you. Give it a try; simply visit and see more on your dashboard.

For further information and enquiries, you can download the information-packed brochure via this link or reach out to on or 08139859999

Bukola Okikiolu
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