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5 Interview red flags to look out for in a candidate

Looking for a candidate to fill out a position could be quite stressful and even risky; no one wants to waste time and energy on a bad hire. That’s why it’s critical to look out for interview red flags.

How do you fully understand your candidate’s work style, attitude, technical skills and personality from just a few documents, phone calls and meetings? Not likely.

Most job seekers are on their best behaviour during an interview. They give you the answers you want to hear in an attempt to appear as the right person for the job. Their CVs might even be filled up with exaggerated skills but there are ways to weed out the true prospects from the ones who don’t quite fit the bill.

Knowing what interview red flags to watch out for can help save you the future costs of a bad hire. 

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  1. Cannot Provide Details, Examples, or Proof About Resume or Cover Letter Claims – It is necessary to ask probing questions to solicit details about a candidate’s job performance and their successes and failures; nothing is as telling as a candidate who cannot provide a detailed answer or a past account of a work event which is already stated on the CV. This can be easily avoided by making use of Jobberman’s Skills assessments, this test is tailored for different job functions, allowing you to test for the core competencies and knowledge required for your specific role. It is an excellent predictor of a candidate’s ability to perform the tasks required for the role, therefore helping you objectively pick the most capable candidates.
  2. Inconsistent Career Path – If candidates’ resumes show multiple career changes, it could mean they get bored quickly and will grow tired of the routine aspects of the job. This doesn’t assure you a long term employee.                              
  3. Gaps in Employment – UNEXPLAINED employment gaps may imply that your candidates have trouble obtaining or keeping jobs due to performance or personality issues. This is a major red flag.
  4. Demonstrates No Evidence That They Researched Your Company – A candidate who demonstrates a lack of knowledge about the company has failed to do the most fundamental research to prepare for the interview. This often shows a lack of passion, interest and poor attention to details.
  5. Poor Listening Skills – Candidates who unknowingly ask repetitive questions, reply with answers that are unrelated to the questions asked may not have a genuine interest in the role.

The Jobberman Skills Assessments saves you the stress of meeting with low-quality candidates; pass over the red flags and let us get you a recruitment process that really works. It is an excellent predictor of a candidate’s ability to perform the tasks required for the role, therefore helping you objectively pick the most capable candidates. 


Seyi King
Seyi King is an internet entrepreneur, author and digital marketing specialist. He is passionate about the internet, business, and how civilization develops. He has deep curiosity for nature and the unfolding role Africa will play in globalization.
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