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Interview Dos and Don’ts

Interview Dos and Don'ts - Jobberman Nigeria

A recent report stated that in 2017, approximately 250 CVs are received for an average job advertised but only 2% of the candidates get invited for an interview. If you get invited to a job interview, it means you are qualified for the job. It is, however, left to you to convince the hiring manager at the interview that you are the candidate the company should hire.

Interview Dos and Don'ts - Jobberman Nigeria

In this edition of our monthly Facebook live, the Community Marketing Lead, Job Brands, ROAM, Princewill Akuma hosted candidates to share their past interview experiences. During the session, recruitment specialists from The African Talent Company, Aramide Wey and Chika Okoro shared a plethora of tips on Interview Dos and Don’ts, which formed the theme of the live session.

The interview tips shared covered a wide range of interviews including a face-to-face interview, telephone interview, chat interview and Skype interview. Press play to watch the video below for vital tips on how to ace your next interview.

Princewill Akuma
Princewill is a marketing maven, who is passionate about user-centric marketing. His experience spans Tech service, Recruitment, Media and Entertainment sectors across Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana and Tanzania. He's a career adviser, mentor, hobbyist DJ and a lover of cardio exercise with a personal record of 23.49 km. Let's connect, i'll love to hear from you.
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