Soft skills are becoming the hard skills of today’s workforce. It’s not enough to be highly trained in technical skills without developing interpersonal skills.

Illustration of three women and their soft skills.

Soft skills are increasingly becoming the hard skills of today’s workforce. It’s just not enough to be highly trained in technical skills, without developing the interpersonal and relationship-building skills that help people to communicate and collaborate effectively.

For over one year, we have been training Nigerian youths and the workforce in soft skills with the aim of building a better workforce and opening paths for more youths to succeed in any working condition.

This month, we are spotlighting four phenomenal women who have risen to the challenge and gained our professional certificate. Take a look at how the training has impacted their lives so far –

Picture of Faith Donwa.

Faith Donwa

“My name is Faith Donwa, I am from Delta State, Nigeria, and I am currently an international business development consultant. I work with a firm that helps global companies enter sub-Saharan Africa to execute development projects, etc. 

My job has been a great platform to utilise and grow my skills, especially my in-depth problem-solving skills. I also believe that I am a great leader because I know how to ensure people work together to ensure they give every project their best!

I faced a lot of challenges when I was job hunting. The biggest issue was the lack of feedback from recruiters. I do not really appreciate the generic ‘we are sorry to inform you’ email, but those who actually reach out to you are amazing. Honest feedback helps you prepare better for your next job application. Also, several job posts were destabilising, unrealistic and discouraging. 

The Jobberman soft skills training was really unique. It came at a perfect time when I was about to finish NYSC, and the training gave me a lot of insight into how to make myself better, what to expect from the average work environment and how to be a great asset to any company/team I found myself working for/with.

The training taught me self awareness and being aware of others around me. It made me more conscious of my habits, when I was stressed, what to do, how to manage my time, etc and also, using Emotional Intelligence when dealing with others, especially in the work environment.

In the next two years, I see myself as an MSc holder in International Business Management and gaining real-life experience managing businesses and people across continents!”

Ifeoluwa Haruna

Picture of Ifeoluwa Haruna.

“My name is Ifeoluwa, an indigene of Ogun state and a steadily progressing accountant. I currently work as an internal control officer at Finlab Nigeria limited. My role has been very challenging, but I have learned a lot! Apart from being a tech-savvy lady, I’m an expert in word documents, developing financial statements and working in teams – making me stand out in the workplace. 

During my job hunt, I spent a lot of time applying for many jobs without any feedback. It was really discouraging, but I couldn’t give up. I stalked a lot of companies online, but it all led to a dead end. I learned about the Jobberman soft skills training on social media; the course was exhilarating and very applicable in day to day life. I attended the live zoom training that happens every Saturday, it was just 2 hours long, and It made me more flexible and open to learning in my workplace.

In the next two years, I see myself taking up more challenges and succeeding in business – the world of work is not ready for me lol. My advice to every job seeker out there is to be determined, don’t be discouraged and keep learning because it really helps, and no knowledge can ever be wasted.

Mercy Okere

Picture of Ifeoluwa Haruna.

“My name is Mercy Okere, and I’m a Fashion Designer. I heard about the soft skills training program online, and I decided to challenge being the curious person I am. Even as an entrepreneur, the course has helped me a lot, especially in multi-tasking. I have faced many challenges in job hunting in Nigeria; the most frustrating issue is location. The soft skills training has made me a lot more confident when attending interviews, I used to be anxious, but now I know what to say and how to say it. I am now a teacher, but I see myself taking the world of fashion by storm in the next five years!

Fowowe Rebecca

Picture of Fowowe Rebecca.

My name is Rebecca Fowowe; I am based in Kano and a graduate of Biochemistry from Federal University Dutsinma. I am currently working in the pharmaceuticals industry as a Production Pharmacist/Sectional Head.

Job hunting was undoubtedly a herculean task, but the most annoying part was the lack of response from recruiters after an interview or an unsuccessful application.

The Jobberman soft skills training can be summed up in one word: Fantabulous! It was fantastic, fabulous and excellent. I loved every bit of it. The training improved me in diverse ways – my time management skills have improved as I now plan my day around the important task I am to carry out. It has improved my listening skills, and I now have a creative approach to managing and solving problems. My leadership and communication skills were positively impacted too.

In the next two years, I see myself becoming a valued employee of a top organisation; I want to be an expert in my field and positively impact the company.

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