Managing your recruitment process with ease!

Online recruiting is all about finding quality candidates and making connections with them. Many businesses are now turning to recruitment platforms, with a move towards ‘partner’ relationships between employer and agency.


A recruitment platform like Jobberman will have access to the best talent available; this includes access to candidates that are actively seeking work, as well as talent that is currently employed elsewhere. It doesn’t stop there, it makes the recruitment process easier for employers. You get to advertise, test, review, sort, and hire, all in one place! 

If you use a recruitment platform you’re statistically more likely to access the best job-seekers on the market (both active and passive). People who are actively looking for new positions are more likely to register with these platforms. Using a recruitment platform will reduce the time and in-house resources that you need to dedicate to recruitment.  It should also lead to a quicker turnaround on filling the vacancies, which in turn leads to increased efficiency of the organization. 

The tests are the most important part of recruitment! You DO NOT want a bad hire, sourcing these tests independently can be time-consuming and expensive as they can be part of the agencies’ service offering. Recruitment agencies are experts at screening, filtering, and profiling candidates. 

This is just another reason employers love Jobberman!

Jobberman Staff Writer
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