How Companies Can Save Time & Money with Digital Recruitment

All business processes require optimisation, and HR management, as the core element of business sustainability, should be strategically optimised. 

Essentially, effective HR management = satisfied employees and satisfied employees = business sustainability. Effective HR management starts with… Effective recruitment. 

Recruitment effectiveness hinges not just on WHO you target to recruit but also on WHERE you place your job openings. For example, looking to onboard a mid-level tech specialist via a newspaper job placement would hardly provide a desirable lead. Similarly, a job placement on your corporate website may not lead to a large number of candidates for you to select from. As a result, you renew, and repeat offers hoping for the right candidate to apply. It takes time, and more time costs you more money. The solution to this? An online recruitment platform that uses data-driven algorithms to link you with qualified candidates.

This is one of the key objectives of Jobberman – an organisation I am honoured to lead today, which was established 13 years ago. Jobberman provides corporate employers with a pool of competitive talents that match available positions in a one-stop-shop strategy. We will keep building the bridge between employees and talents by specialised recruitment services to link companies with talents from entry- to executive levels. 

At Jobberman, we believe that people matter, which is why we are passionate about bridging the talent gap in Africa by connecting the right people with the right opportunities. Additionally, we create initiatives that help ease employers’ hiring process while also bridging the gap between improving candidate uptake and facilitating entry into companies. A quick example is the Starter Offer initiative we deployed some months ago, which allowed employers to list all their entry-level job openings for free. We have recently expanded this further by leaving this offer open to ALL. 

Please visit to post your jobs at no cost and get access to our pool of 2M+ candidates, all the perks of our Applicant Tracking System (ATS), & more.

Written by Ore Boboye, CEO, Jobberman Nigeria.

Jobberman Staff Writer
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