Workplace Fashion Tips for Dummies

A little pre-script – I’m a fashion oddity, so if you take my piece(s) of advice, know that you do so at your own fashion risk. But, hey, I’m not so terrible. I think. Though, I’ve been called a tomboy a few times. Let’s get down to business, which in this case is fashion tips for different categories of people:

The Klutz: If you’re constantly knocking things over or under, hitting corners or tripping on staircases and colliding with unnecessary dead ends, I have one advice for you – keep your pants on. You don’t want to trip on stairways and show your lovely *cough*. Basically, make sure you have plenty of Pants, jeans and trouser like stuff to keep your act together.

The Perfectionist: You are the young lady who likes to have all things in their proper places. No loose ends, no misplaced items, no ruffled edges. I also have one piece of advice – carry a BIG BAG. A big bag ensures you have everything you need at all times – hair brush, shoe brush, powder, lint remover, make-up bag, and everything you can think of.

The Mad-hatter: Let’s just say if there will ever be an award for being scattered/forgetful, the mad-hatter gets it. Of course, I have a large chunk of advice – have your basics everywhere. Keep a set of your necessities in each place you seem to go, regularly. Keep a bag in your office, at home, parents’ place, friends, foes…

The Vampire: You are perpetually cold. The AC is either infringing on your right to warmth or making you numb, frozen and spineless. You definitely considered HVAC Repair but you know that is not the problem. I definitely have a piece of advice – CARRY A JACKET with you, EVERYWHERE. Stop trying to be brave in the face of cold wind. Invest in sweaters and jackets, there are lovely ones out there. Be warm, so you can function properly.

The Shy: So, you don’t like being called out, put on the spot and made the centre of attention. Guess what? You’re lying to yourself. Deep down, you actually like being smart, getting answers correctly and being in the cross-hairs. My advice to you, dress the part. Dress the smart, confident and assertive part and you’ll grow into it.

The Fashion Freak: I’m not sure I have anything to say/write to this category. It just wouldn’t be a complete list, if I didn’t add the fashion freak. But, since I have to drop a little nugget, I’ll just say, watch how you spend. Let not your fingers be fast to find your wallet every time you see a clothier.

No, don’t ask me for fashion tips for the tomboy. 🙂 But, please share your tips with me.

Nathan Jeffery
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